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NAFEMS CFD Advisory Board (CAB) for Germany, Austria, and Switzerland (DACH)

At the beginning of 2012, the NAFEMS DACH steering committee decided to increase support for CFD activities. Consequently, the NAFEMS DACH CFD Advisory Board was founded.

The main topic of the first meeting in Munich was to define the aims and the goals of the group in coordination with the international NAFEMS CFD working group and the NAFEMS DACH steering committee.

The basic activities of the CAB are the support of the NAFEMS DACH steering committee in the field of CFD.

The aims of the CAB are to inform users and potential users of upcoming technology developments, provide a larger supply of trained users able to exploit the available software, inform users and potential users of upcoming technology developments, create studies of the CFD market and usage, show and communicate benefits of usage e. g. by case studies, achieve improved understanding of industry needs, provide trusted neutral platforms for discussion of topics of interest, and provide opportunities for people with diverse interests in CFD to interact in a neutral environment.

The CAB supports and advices the NAFEMS DACH steering committee on CFD issues, e. g. seminars, regional conferences, and other activities. The CAB also liaises with the international NAFEMS CFD working group. Authorized by the NAFEMS DACH steering committee, members of the CAB can organize and execute seminars and other activities in cooperation with NAFEMS. The CAB is a neutral platform to discuss CFD topics in a specialist group and it is an independent platform for the collaborative implementation of independent activities.

The members of the group are representatives from software vendors, industry, research and universities. The group welcomes new members.

If you have any comments or questions please use this e-mail address:

CAB Members

  • Robert Banjac, Siemens PLM
  • Prof. Alicimal Benim, Fachhochschule Düsseldorf
  • Ries Bouwman, ESI Group
  • Erwin Burth, Autodesk
  • Werner Dirschmid, CAE Consultant
  • Andreas Frenk, Dassault Systems Simulia
  • Moritz Frobenius, AVL
  • Albrecht Gill, Ansys Germany
  • Thorsten Grahs, Move CSC
  • Ulrich Heck, DHCAE
  • Thomas Hildebrandt, Numeca Ingenieurbüro
  • Prof. Uwe Janoske, Universität Wuppertal
  • Prof. Gangolf Kohnen (Universität Mosbach)
  • Felix Muggli, Sulzer Pumpen
  • Gerd Over, Autodesk
  • Moh Sabeur, Mentor Graphics
  • Rainer Stauch, Behr Group
  • Uwe Schramm, Altair Engineering
  • Konrad Steiner, Fraunhofer Gesellschaft ITWM
  • Markus Stephan, Dassault Systems Simulia (FE-Design)
  • Thomas Weber, CD adapco
  • Klaus Wolf, Fraunhofer Gesellschaft SCAI