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1. FENET_Wiesbaden_Nov2001_Industry_Reqs_LandTransport_Mangino.pdf

AGM 2001 Industry Se ctor Land Trans port RTD The m a tic Are a A ll Da te 14/11/01 Land Transport Industry Area summary Enrico Mangino Centro Riceche Fiat, Orbassano, Italy Summary This presentation contains the subjects (industry drivers and items to be improved) discussed during the first day of FENet AGM 2001 within the Land Transport industry workshop. The arguments have been divided among the four RTD areas. FENET THEMATIC NETWORK COMPETITIVE AND SUSTAINABLE GROWTH (GROWTH) PROGRAMME

3. FENET Multi-physics Theme Update.pdf

FENET ­ multi-physics theme update Mark Cross & Avril Slone University of Greenwich FENET THEMATIC NETWORK COMPETITIVE AND SUSTAINABLE GROWTH (GROWTH) PROGRAMME Background · Developments over time · What is multi-physics? · Strategies for multi-physics modelling · Hands-on experience workshops FENET THEMATIC NETWORK COMPETITIVE AND SUSTAINABLE GROWTH (GROWTH) PROGRAMME This weeks programme Invited a number of `multi-physics' vendors to run a workshop Response ­ Century Dy

4. FENET_Noordwijk_Oct2003_MPA_Feedback.pdf

Multi-physics analysis feedback Presented by Professor Mark Cross FENET meeting, Noordwijk 10th October 2003 FENET THEMATIC NETWORK COMPETITIVE AND SUSTAINABLE GROWTH (GROWTH) PROGRAMME Details of Workshop · · · · Industries covered · aero-space, defence, marine and offshore Total of 11 presentations · All excellent examples of multi-physics analysis in for each industry All significant MPA applications in bespoke MPA codes Total number of bespoke codes illustrated - 7 FE

6. 1st Technology Workshop

1st FENet Technology Workshop Following the first NSC Meeting, September 2001 in London, UK, the FENET Industry Meeting , November 2001 in Wiesbaden, Germany, and a Workshop Planning Meeting at the University of Greenwich, London, in December 2001 (see articles in FENET Newsletter, Issue 1, February 2002) the first FENET Technical Workshops were held from 27th - 28th February 2002 in Copenhagen, Denmark. The following topics were discussed: • Education & Dissemination (E&D): Barri

7. FENET_Noordwijk_Oct2003_MPA_Huchet.pdf

ESA/ESTEC - Noordwijk, The Netherlands 9th-10th October 2003 FENET TECHNOLOGY WORKSHOPS RADIOSS PRESENTATION FENET TECHNOLOGY WORKSHOPS 2003 MULTI-PHYSICS APPLICATIONS using RADIOSS Multi-Physicsm F. S Applications using RADIOSHUCHET 1 - J. CONROY / RADIOSS UK FENET TECHNOLOGY WORKSHOPS 2003 1. Introduction RADIOSS abilities to execute simulations in: ­ Defence: · Concrete reinforcement perforation, tungsten rod, Aerospace: · Bird impact, · Aeropl

8. FENET_Wiesbaden_Nov2001_EDU_Smart.pdf

Industry Se ctor RTD The m a tic Are a Educ ation & Dis s emination Da te 13-Nov-01 NAFEMS` Education & Training Working Group (ETWG) John Smart University of Manchester, Manchester, M13 9PL, United Kingdom Summary The ETWG has been active for approximately 15 years. Its recent activity is reviewed and how it can interact with FENET`s EDTA discussed. FENET THEMATIC NETWORK COMPETITIVE AND SUSTAINABLE GROWTH (GROWTH) PROGRAMME The activities of the ETWG · Four main areas are: · ·


FENET FENET is an EU-funded thematic network which involved over 110 European organisations from many key industrial sectors and was developed between 2001 and 2005. The network sought to coordinate activities within Europe aimed at improving both the quality of industrial applications of finite element technology and the level of confidence that could be placed in the computed results. The principal objective was to collate and structure existing information and to facilitate the efficie

10. FENET_Noordwijk_Oct2003_NSC_Format.pdf

FENET TECHNOLOGY WORKSHOPS 9th - 10th October 2003 ESA / ESTEC -- Noordwijk, The Netherlands WORKSHOP FORMATS FENET NSC MEETING + EC REVIEW (applies only to members of the Network Steering Committee) Wednesday, 8th October 2003 14:00 - 19:00 20:00 Room ,,Einstein" Restaurant ,,De Gulle Tjon" NSC Meeting + EC Review NSC Dinner FENET TECHNOLOGY WORKSHOPS + NAFEMS AGM Thursday, 9th October 2003 08:00 - 09:00 09:00 - 13:00 Registration Plenary Session -- Room ,,Newton 2" Education & Dissemination

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