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1. COGAN Project Launched to Improve Competency in Geotechnical Analysis

COGAN Project Launched to Improve Competency in Geotechnical AnalysisNAFEMS announces the launch of the COGAN (Competency in Geotechnical Analysis) European project this month.The main aim of this Leonardo da Vinci European Transfer of Innovation project is to follow on from the exceptional work accomplished during the CCOPPS and EASIT2 projects, but with the focus being on the geotechnical industry.Modern geotechnical design (in common with other industry sectors) is increasingly reliant o

2. NAFEMS Advanced Workbook of Examples - Volume 1

NAFEMS Advanced Workbook of Examples - Volume 1 In various surveys of NAFEMS members, Education and Training always comes very high on the list of priorities. In discussions at NAFEMS Education and Training Working Group (ETWG) it became apparent that there is a large gap between what is conventionally taught in an undergraduate engineering degree and the capability of finite element programs. Consequently, the ETWG has commissioned many documents for which the intended reader is the ‘1

3. registration

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4. Industry Need Survey Launched by COGAN Project

Industry Need Survey Launched by COGAN ProjectNAFEMS, the international association for the engineering modelling, analysis and simulation community, is pleased to announce that the COGAN(Competency in Geotechnical Analysis) European project has launched its industry needs survey. The survey can be completed at aims improve competency in geotechnical analysis and will achieve this by preparing a framework for defining and recording numerical a

5. Accepted Practices in Practical Finite Element Analysis of Structures

NAFEMS Webinar Series Accepted Practices in Practical Finite Element Analysis of Structures Hosted by NAFEMS India        View webinar slides (PDF)    - (NAFEMS Members) View this webinar (audio/video) * - (NAFEMS Members) *To view this webinar, you need to download an .arf player. Please click on the highlighted link to download this player ( ). Overview  What are accepted practices in applica

6. AIAA Modeling and Simulation Technologies Conference

AIAA Modeling and Simulation Technologies Conference This year the Modeling and Simulation Technologies (MST) Conference features over 120 papers, presentations, and panel discussions on the current state of technologies in modeling and simulation used by the aerospace industry. The conference brings together the foremost authorities on aircraft and spacecraft simulation from around the world. At this year’s conference, current and emerging technologies are examined and extended throug

7. 2nd Technology Workshop

2nd FENet Technology Workshop As agreed in the Workshop Planning Meeting, a NAFEMS/ FENET Awareness Seminar on "Web Based Training for Engineering Analysis“ was held one day prior the FENET Technical Workshops. The workshop intended to provide delegates with an overview of emerging tools and products, which seek to provide web-based training in the area of engineering analysis. It reviewed a number of active projects in this field with presentations given by leading experts and

8. AREVA Names ANSYS Certified Supplier

AREVA Names ANSYS Certified Supplier International Nuclear Energy Leader Recognizes ANSYS as an Organization Essential to its Growth SOUTHPOINTE, Pa., Jul 21, 2009 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- ANSYS, Inc. (NASDAQ: ANSS), a global innovator of simulation software and technologies designed to optimize product development processes, has been awarded an AREVA Certified Supplier seal of approval, strengthening the relationship between the two organizations. As a world leader in the nuclear power industry, AR

9. Raj Rajagopal

Raj Rajagopal Senior Fellow, Robust Design Multidisciplinary Analysis and Optimization Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne Dr. Rajagopal joined Rocketdyne in 1979 and has participated on a lead role on many internal and externally sponsored advanced technology projects. His research and application work has been funded by agencies such as NASA, DARPA, DOD Air Force, Navy and High Performance Computing Modernization offices.  He was an active participant and early adopter of the NAS

10. Steering Committee

Steering Committee The SMSWG Steering Committee Members are:Frank Popielas (Chair), Dana Holding CorporationAllison Barnard-Feeney, NISTConrad Bock, NISTRoger Burkhart, John DeerePeter Coleman, AirbusJian (John) Dong, BoeingRalf Hartmann, AstriumChristopher Hess, AstriumEdward Ladzinski, Dassault Systemes Ahmed Noor, Old Dominion UniversityMark Sampson, Siemens PLM Software Chairman: Frank PopielasDana Holding Corp.Frank started his career with Dana at the Sealing Products Group, V

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