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1. COMSOL Multiphysics Conference 2006

COMSOL Multiphysics Conference 2006We are pleased to invite you to the COMSOL Multiphysics Conference 2006 Frankfurt. Mark your calendars to join us on October 30-31, 2006 at Frankfurt for this unique multiphysics modeling forum. This is your chance to experience what last year's attendees found to be an unbeatable combination of hands-on training and presentations from users and COMSOL technical staff.Join us to learn about the latest in COMSOL products and applications of COMSOL Multiphysics w

2. 50th AIAA Aerospace Sciences Meeting

50th AIAA Aerospace Sciences Meeting No matter where you go at ASM, there is always something happening. From plenary sessions addressing critical topics for the future of the industry to presentations on current state-of-the-art technologies. From student paper competitions to panel sessions that foster discussion and debate among stakeholders. From hallway conversations with colleagues to meeting new contacts at receptions. From lectures by renowned speakers addressing topics of general

3. Registration Form 5th Workshop Autosim

5th Technology Workshop Registration Form Name Email Telephone Company Address   I would like to register my attendance / exhibition contribute with a presentation register as an attendee for the workshop Register for CSC and attendee for the workshop I am interested in the project - please put me on the mailing list   My company ist Autosim member   Please Contact Me - I am Interested in the following areas NAFEMS Membership NAFEMS Publications 'BENCHmark

4. Registration Form SDM Europe 2011

European Conference on Simulation Data and Process Management (SDM) Feedback Form First name, last name Email Phone / Fax Company / University Full address (incl. dept.) I register for the event as (please select option): non NAFEMS member -> 660,- EuroNAFEMS member -> free (4 credits)NAFEMS member -> reduced 440,- Euro We are interested in sponsoring. Please contact me  We register for exhibition -> 890,- Euro I will submit an abstract to

5. Design by Analysis: The Use of Finite Element Analysis in Design Codes of Practice 1

Durability & Life Extension Design by Analysis: The Use of Finite Element Analysis in Design Codes of Practice FEM in Pressure Vessel Design By Analysis D. Mackenzie (University of Strathclyde, United Kingdom) Applying Advanced FEA to Pressure Vessel Design H. Li (University of Strathclyde, United Kingdom) Validation of Analysis in Design by Analysis Projects C. Rogers (CREA Consultants Ltd, United Kingdom)  

6. Registration Form

From Conventional Stress Calculations to Finite Element Analysis November 17 - 19, 2008, Gothenburg, Sweden Registration Form First name, last name Email Telephone Company Address I herewith register my attendance for the training course I am NAFEMS member (8.000 SEK + VAT)    I am not NAFEMS member (12.000 SEK + VAT) I am interested in NAFEMS membership - please contact me I´m interested in an inhouse course. Please contact me.   Remarks 

7. Solidworks Launch PDMWorks Enterprise

Solidworks Launch PDMWorks Enterprise SolidWorks Corporation today unveiled new software that will make it easier for large product development teams to securely share and manage enterprise data and engineering documents while ensuring version control. PDMWorks® Enterprise enables large or geographically dispersed design teams to work concurrently on product designs.PDMWorks Enterprise is the latest product data management (PDM) software from SolidWorks to help engineers and product managers

8. Registration Form 4th CFD DACH 2007

Developments in CFD: Reliable Use of CAD Based Software including Dedicated Codes Registration Form Name Email Telephone Company Address   I would like to register my attendance / exhibition not a NAFEMS member -> 450,- Euro NAFEMS member -> free I would like to register for the exhibition -> 350,- Euro + attendee fee for each attendee   We are interested in sponsoring - please contact us Please send me the invitation & agenda   Please Contact Me -

9. PCA Engineers Ltd.

PCA Engineers Ltd. PCA’s principal activity is turbomachinery design for both components and complete turbomachines – both for products and for prototypes, and we have carried out many successful compressor designs and turbine designs for industry. However, we also offer a range of services, all related to turbomachinery. Our full range of services is as follows: Turbomachinery design Re-design and re-rating of turbomachinery CFD analysis Finite element str

10. Projects

Projects Various projects have been initiated and/or sponsored by NAFEMS. GEM - GEM (G eneric E ngineering Analysis M odel) is a completed European Community funded ESPRIT project managed by NAFEMS. The aim was to enable engineering analysis methods such as finite element analysis of solids or fluids to be used more effectively within the design and analysis process. The methodology behind GEM was to integrate software applications in the context of engineering analysis in an open, IS

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