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1. Discover Better Designs, Faster

Discover Better Designs, FasterDate:16/04/15Location:Frankfurt, GermanyThis event will show attendees how to achieve the fundamental step into design exploration, i.e. directly linking CAD with CAE simulation. Demonstrations will highlight a complete workflow from automated meshing to our unique optimization algorithms which enable CAE engineers to perform multiple simulations seamlessly for robust design exploration and critical optimization studies. This workshop will cover:Implementing an a

2. Brian Duffy

Dr. Brian Duffy Engineering ManagerPipeline Engineering Department, Technip USADr. Brian Duffy currently holds the position of Engineering Manager in the Pipeline Engineering Department at Technip USA. Since joining Technip in 2007, Dr. Duffy has provided advanced simulation support for multiple deepwater projects and developed and taught advanced simulation training seminars for Technip. Dr. Duffy earned his Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering from Tulane University in 1994. In 1998 he jo

3. INCOSE International Workshop - 25th Anniversary

INCOSE International Workshop 201525th Anniversary Date:January 24-27, 2015Location:Torrance, CAINCOSE's International Workshop is the event of the year for systems engineers to contribute to the state of the art. Unlike INCOSE's annual International Symposium and other conferences, there are no paper, panel or tutorial presentations. Instead, attendees spend 4 days working alongside fellow systems engineers who are there to make a difference. Systems Engineers at all levels and f

4. fenet_malta_may2005_gierlinski.pdf

Current Technology Policy Issues from the Perspective of the New EU Member States FENET, Malta 2005 Jacek T. Gierliski Ministry of Science and Information Society Technologies Contents · · · · · · Science and Technology landscape Enlargement - benefits and drawbacks Strategic objectives Concept of the FP7 Strategy position Role of Networks (FENET) Department of European Integration MSIST Science landscape · Well developed network of universities · Large number of s

5. Ralph Sundermeier - Volkswagen, Germany

Ralph Sundermeier - Volkswagen, GermanyBiographyDr. Ralph Sundermeier grew up in Northrhine-Westfalia in Germany, went to school there as well as in Teheran / Iran. Later he studied at the Technical University Braunschweig and finished his PhD in Electrical Engineering in 1991 with works in the field of design and calculation of electromagnetic levitation.Since then Dr. Sundermeier has been working for Volkswagen. He started in the department of engine production and was responsible for various

6. 1st International Symposium on Fishing Vessel Energy Efficiency

1st International Symposium on Fishing Vessel Energy Efficiency E-Fishing 2010 is the first of a series of biannual conferences devoted to the study of energy efficiency in the fishing world. This symposium aims to be a forum where experts will present the latest advances in research and development aimed at improving the energy efficiency of fishing vessels and systems. Authors are invited to submit papers related to the energy efficiency of fishing vessels and systems in general inc

7. Registration

Synergie Essais Physiques - Essais virtuels Du prototype à la réalité Paris, 3 juin 2008 Hotel Mercure, Paris Porte de Saint Cloud Inscription Registration Form Nom, Prénom Email Téléphone Société Address   Je souhaite m'inscrire au séminaire en tant que non adhérent NAFEMS -> 250 Euro(HT) Adhérent NAFEMS -> Gratuit Universitaire -> 200 Euro(HT)   NAFEMS a confié à CASS

8. Risks related to Geotechnical FEA

Risks related to Geotechnical FEA The geotechnical industry is facing the situation that Senior Managers, who often do not have a background in numerical modelling, need to make decisions based on the outcome of finite element calculations made by young and relatively inexperienced geotechnical engineers. Complex finite element software has become very intuitive and easy to use, but the quality of the results very much depends on the user's understanding of the methods and models being used. Th

10. Seminar: Structural & Geotechnical Engineers Handshake for Seismic Soil Foundation-Structure Interaction Analysis & Design of Civil Structures

Seminar: Structural & Geotechnical Engineers Handshake for Seismic Soil Foundation-Structure Interaction Analysis & Design of Civil StructuresThis, free of charge, seminar seeks to bring together experts from academic, commercial and governmental organisations involved in the fields of geotechnical, civil, structural and earthquake engineering, as well as those concerned with the application of design techniques in a wide range of structures. The primary focus of the seminar will be to

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