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You can download the preliminary agenda here, and also view the abstracts and presentations using the links below


Abstracts & Presentations

“Software Infrastructure Requirements to Support Simulation Governance”
R. Actis, B. Szabo, Engineering Software Research & Development, Inc.

“A Platform Oriented Approach to Material Modeling as Enabler for Integrative Simulation”
R. Assaker & J. Seyfarth, e-Xstream Engineering

“User-Centric Adaptation in Interaction for Immersive Simulations”
A. Banic, University of Wyoming

“Which Equation Solver Technology Should be Used in Commercial Finite Element Software: Direct or Iterative?”
V. Belsky, Dassault Systèmes Simulia Corp.

“ Improved Methods of (Frequency Domain) Fatigue Calculations for Automotive Systems”
N. Bishop, CAEFatigue Ltd.; T. Meehan, Ford Motor Co.; D. Schlesinger, K. Sweitzer, Navistar

“The Use of Digital Image Correlation (DIC) and Strain Gauges to Validate Simulation”
J. Borshoff, Cornell University, D. Roy, B. Croop, Datapoint Labs

“Catching Up with Manufacturing”
B. Brothers, Dassault Systèmes Simulia Corp.

“A Fast Drop Test Simulation Using Co-rotational Formulation”
R. Burla, Autodesk, Inc.

“Optimizing Vehicle Handling Performance with HEEDS MDO”
N. Chase, Red Cedar Technology

“Multibody Dynamics Integration of Nonlinear Finite Element Components”
M. Collingridge, H. Patel, S. Riley, W. Shen, MSC Software

“Exploring SD&PM Usage For Work-In-Process”
R. Deragisch, Parker Aerospace

“Pipeline Lateral Buckling Reliability”
B. Duffy, Genesis; K. Hayes, Technip

“Fast Volume and Surface Mapping Between Simulations For One-Way FSI”
J. Eom, S. Murgie, R. Burla, Autodesk, Inc.

"Advances in Electromagnetic Modeling"
D. Farnia, D. Bubba, T. Ogawa, B. Black, JSOL

“Automotive Powertrain NVH (Noise, Vibration & Harshness)Evaluation Leveraging Co-Simulation”
M. Felice, J. Liu, Ford Motor Co.; M. Collingridge, Y. Bahramzadeh, MSC Software

“Utilizing Cloud HPC Resources For CAE Simulations”
I. Graedel, J. Pourt, Rescale, Inc.

“Thermo-Mechanical 3D-Modeling Of Deep Geo­logical Structures Used for Waste Disposal"
S. Heusermann, S. Fahland, P. Vogel, R. Eickemeier, German Federal Institute for Geosciences and Natural Resources

"FEA Challenges and Lessons Learned in Analyzing Engine Vibration Related Noise (EVRN) on Commercial Airplane Programme"
H. Jamshidiat, Boeing Commercial Airplanes; P. Singh, Altair

“The Paradigm Shift Toward Predictive CFD!”
R. Kaczmarek, Convergent Science, Inc.

“Multiphysics Simualation Based Approach for Control System Design”
T. Karam, Esterel Technologies; L. Kostetzer, ESSS

“Robust Design and Probabilistic Methods to Support the Gas Turbine Development Process”
A. Karl, G. Modgil, J. Stillinger, Rolls-Royce Corp.

"Advanced Simulation Technologies for Electric Motor Noise Predictions"
B. Karthik, Siemens PLM, Inc.

“CAE Driven Development of Semiconductor Processing Reactors”
U. Kelkar, Applied Materials, Inc.

“Next Generation Materials System Requirements”
L. Kilfoy, MSC Software

“Generation of Geometric Models and Meshes from Segmented Image Data”
O. Klaas, M. Beall, Simmetrix Inc.; M. Shephard, RPI

"System Level Battery Simulation Based on Finite Element Models"
L. Kostetzer, E. Rudnyi, ESSS

“Complete Simulation Lifecycle on the Cloud for Manufacturing Simulations:  Advantages and Pitfalls”
R. Kunju, V. Parameshwaran, Altair

“High Performance Modal Analysis On Hybrid CPU-GPU Systems”
B.-S. Liao, Siemens PLM Software, Inc.

“Speeding-Up Structural Computations on Distributed Architectures – Current Implementation and Challenges”
Y.-C. Liu, Ansys, Inc.

“Validation of a Novel CAE Software Suite Against an Extensive Data Set of Automotive Aerodynamics Test Cases”
A. Lock, T. Johansen, Auto Research Center LLC; P. Geremia, E. d Villiers, Engys 

“The Influence Of Nonuniformity Velocity Profile At The Inlet In Cyclone Simulations”
R. Medeiros, Petrobras Research and Development Center; K. Ropelato, G. Alliatti, No. Johasson, E. Sandes, CENES-Petrobas R&D Center

“Model-Based System Engineering at Argonne National Laboratory"
L. Michaels, Argonne National University

“Role of Virtual Modeling to Develop Better-Engineered Plastic Containers”
S. Mukherjee, Plastic Technologies, Inc.

“Engineering Simulation in 2020: A Realistic Assessment”
D. Nagy, Beyond CAE

“Cloudy with a Chance of …?” (with apologies to Judi Barrett)
D. Nagy, Beyond CAE

“ System Models Simulation Process Management and Collaborative Multidisciplinary Optimization with SOMO”
M. Nicolich, Esteco S.p.A.

“A Challenge to the NAFEMS Software Users Community: What is the next advance forthcoming in engineering?”
F.W. Palmieri, Raytheon Space and Airborne Systems

“Investigation of Blade Damping of The NASA Rotor 67 Using Coupled Structural And Computational Fluid Dynamics Simulations”
S. Patil, W. Holmes, G. Eggenspieler, Ansys, Inc.

“Leveraging Open Source To Enhance Your Software Toolbox”
C. Pieper, Kimberly-Clark Corp.

“Simulation and Modeling Collaboration With PLM”
K. Rasche, Whirlpool Corp.

“Polyhedral Finite Elements”
M. Rashid, University of California - Davis

“Jet Engine and Aircraft Integration Challenges”
C. Roche, Pratt & Whitney United Technologies

“Digital Characterization Of De-Coupled Injection Molding Process For Compressor Valve Sealing Elements”
J. Sengupta, B. McDonald, K. Marting, M. Ellis, Hoerbiger Corp.

“Model-Based Multi-Discipline Development Using 1-D And 3-D Simulation”
S.R. Shankar, Siemens PLM Software

“The Design of Immersive Visualization Facilities in The University Of Wyoming"
N. Shetty, University of Wyoming

“Advances In Real Time System Simulation”
R. Solomon, Simpack US

“Drag Effect Analysis and Shape Optimization for a Sportscar Airfoil with On-Demand Amazon EC2 Computing, OPENFOAM, and OPTIMUS”
B. Newill, M. Landrain, Noesis Solutions 

"Technologies for the Construction of Parallel Simulation Workflows”
S. Tendulkar, M. Beall, Simmetrix, Inc.; C. Smith, M. Shephard, RPI

“Analysis Led Design at Cummins, Inc.”
B. Tickel, Cummins, Inc.

“Web-Based Engineering Applications”
M. Tiller, Xogeny, Inc.

“An Approach for Measuring and Modeling of Plastic Deformation of Metallic Plates During High Velocity Impact”
M. Trabia, University of Nevada - Las Vegas; B. O'Toole, S. Roy, D. Somasoundarum, R. Jennings, M. Mathes, R. Hixson, S. Becker, E. Daykin, M. Pena, E. Macharoo, National Security Technologies, LLC

“Addressing Manufacturing , Progressive Failure, and Reliability Challenges of Composite Parts”
A. Trivedi, M. Jawarski, D. Milligan, Autodesk, Inc. 

“CAE Geometry: Engineering Models Built to Support Future Simulation”
S. Utterdyke, ITI TranscenData

“Democratizing CAE and SPDM”
G. Valine , J. Wohlsehlegel, GKN

“Design Process for Durability of Electric Vehicle’s Power Electronics”
A. Vlahinos, Advanced Engineering Solutions

“System Level Powertrain Cooling, Fatigue, and Durability Analysis”
S. Walker, Altair Engineering, Inc.

The Changing Role of Simulation
Joe Walsh, CEO, intrinSIM

“Using CAE for a Robust Product Design”
C. Wilkes, Sigmetrix; A. Vlahinos, Advanced Engineering Solutions

“A Study to Investigate Optimal Starting Population Size for Evolutionary Optimization Algorithms”
Z. Xue, S. Kansara, S. Parashar, Esteco North America

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