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Submit your Abstract

We invite you and your company to get involved in CAASE18, The Conference on Advancing Analysis & Simulation in Engineering, by submitting a paper for presentation in Cleveland.

CAASE18 will cover a wide range of topics, addressing every aspect of analysis & simulation in engineering in a full 3-day program. Presentations from all areas of simulation may be submitted for consideration; however, contributions which highlight one or more of the themes identified on CAASE Themes & Topics are particularly welcomed. 

Abstracts of 300-600 words should be submitted below for consideration by November 30th, 2017. 

What's New at CAASE18? We are accepting abstracts for those who want to: 

  • Give a Presentation (target ~30 minutes)
  • Host a Workshop (target ~ 1 hour 30 minutes)
  • Deliver a Training Course (target ~ 1 hour 30 minutes)

These options will be available on page 3 of the abstract submission form found below. 

Authors whose abstracts are accepted will be asked to prepare an extended abstract (typically 2-4 pages) and a PowerPoint presentation (peer-reviewed technical papers are not required).


We have provided a listing of the CAASE18 themes, topics, and subtopics in the column to the right. Please use this to determine which area(s) best align with your abstract submission. While we have made an effort to list all themes and topics in the form below, but we were unable to list all subtopics. 

As an example, if you are submitting a presentation on "Knowledge Capture and Reuse", you will select the topic "Data Management", found under the "Implementing Simulation Governance & Democratization" theme. You will also have an opportunity to list any relevant keywords and details in the form below.

CAASE18 Quick Links


Themes & Topics



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CAASE18 Themes & Topics

Theme #1: Driving Design of Physical Systems, Components & Products

  • Acoustics
  • Advanced Composites
  • Advanced Materials Characterization
    • Microstructure Modeling
    • High-strength Steels, Aluminum, Hybrids, Nanomaterials
  • Biomimicry-Based Models (Nature-Inspired Design)
  • CFD
  • Cyber-Physical Integration
  • Electrical
    • Hybrid and Full Electrification
    • Battery Cell Development
  • Life Sciences
    • Biomechanics
    • Medical Devices
  • Multibody Simulation
  • Multiscale & Multiphysics
  • NVH
  • Optimization
  • Real-Time Simulation
    • HiL (Hardware-in-the-Loop)
    • SiL (Software-in-the-Loop)
    • HUiL (Human-in-the-Loop)
    • e.g., Autonomous Navigation Technology
      • Voice Control Activation Simulation
      • Vehicle to Vehicle Communication
      • Vision Imaging Analysis (reads & monitors driver behavior)
  • Stochastics
  • Structural Analysis
    • Linear & Nonlinear Static & Dynamic
    • Crash & Impact
    • Durability & Damage Tolerance
    • Contact, Joints, Welds & Connections
  • Systems Simulation
    • Requirements Management
    • Concept-Phase System Simulation
    • MBSE
  • Thermal Analysis

Theme #2: Implementing Simulation Governance & Democratization 

  • Simulation Governance:
    • CAE Tactical & Strategic Roadmaps
    • Collaboration/Data Sharing throughout the Extended Enterprise
      • Cross-Domain Technical Integration
      • PLM Integration
      • Subsystems to Components to Systems
    • Data Management
      • Simulation Data Management
      • Material Data Management
      • Compliance Management
      • Data Storage and Retrieval
      • Knowledge Capture and Reuse
      • Integration of Logical &Numerical Data Models
    • Process Management
    • Qualification of Simulation Personnel
      • Competencies & Skills
      • Mentoring & Training Programs
      • Is Academia Preparing Students for CAE?
      • Student Competitions
      • In-House Training Programs
    • Quality Assurance
    • Uncertainty Quantification
    • Validation & Verification
      • Integration of Physical &Virtual Testing
      • Smart Testing
      • Risk Management
  • Democratization:
    • CAE for CAD experts
      • Apps
      • UI improvements
      • Contextual Help/Support
    • CAE for SMBs/Accessibility
      • Licensing
      • Enlisting Services/Consulting
      • Out of the Box Capabilities
    • Collaboration: Mechanical, Electrical, Software
      • Collaboration Tools and Techniques
      • Capturing Proprietary Processes within Apps
      • Workflows/Co-Simulation
      • Pre- and Post-Processing
    • In-CAD Simulation vs. Dedicated CAE
      • Integration
      • When CAD Simulation is Enough
      • When CAE is Needed

Theme #3: Advancing Manufacturing Processes & Additive Manufacturing  

  • Practical Aspects of Analysis and Certification of Additive Manufacturing
    • Additive Manufacturing Process Analysis
      • Defect Prediction Analysis (e.g., distortion, residual stress, etc.)
      • Additive Manufacturing Process Design & Control
      • Multiscale / Multiphysics Additive Manufacturing Process Simulation
      • Micro-Structure & Simulated Materials Properties
      • Process-Oriented Additive Manufacturing Modeling (e.g., powder bed, wire-feed, robotic 3D printing, hybrid CNC machines, etc.)
    • Product Design Based on Additive Manufacturing
      • Design Methodology (i.e., explore upstream product design)
      • Modeling Methodology for Product Design (e.g., thermo-mechanical modeling)
      • Topology Optimization (e.g., shape, lattices, supports, etc.) 
    • Analysis and Certification of 3D Printed Parts
      • Analysis Methodology
      • Product Performance, Failure Criteria & Margin of Safety
      • Verification & Validation of Additive Manufacturing Simulation & 3D Printed Parts
  • Simulation of Manufacturing Methodologies & Processes
    • Assembly
    • Composites
    • Casting
    • Forging
    • Welding
    • Injection Molding
    • Sheet Metal Forming
    • Adhesive Bonding
    • Heat Treatment
    • Discrete Manufacturing Process
    • Smart Manufacturing System

Theme #4: Addressing Business Strategies & Challenges

  • Advanced Information Technologies
    • Deep Learning of IoT Data
    • Machine Learning
    • AI-Guided Simulation
    • Data Science, Big Data, and Data Analytics
  • Collaboration with Executives
    • ROI for Simulation Investment
    • Staffing
    • Hardware
    • Understanding and Confidence in Simulation
  • Cultural Challenges
    • Implementing New Processes
    • Vocabulary
    • Turf Wars
    • Trust in Results
    • Cross-Domain Technical Integration& Oversight
    • Business Partner & Supplier Integration
  • Emerging Standards
    • Systems Modeling Standards
    • ISO Standards for FEA & CFD
    • Integrating Digital Data in Support of the Industry 4.0 Initiative
  • Full Product Performance Lifecycle (PPL)
    • Digital Twins
    • Real-Time Asset Integrity Monitoring
    • Real-Time, Continual Verification& Validation
    • Product Maintenance Prediction
    • Ongoing Field Product/System Performance Improvement via Continuous Simulation
  • High-Performance Computing /Supporting Infrastructure
    • ROI
    • Cloud vs. Cluster vs. Data Center vs. SaaS
    • VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure)
    • Mobile
  • Virtual/Augmented Reality
    • Use Cases (e.g., Manufacturing Processes, End-User Experiences, etc.)
    • Software Maturity and Integration
    • Information Visualization

If you have any problems with the submission form, please contact us at

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