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Professional Development

The Changing Role of Analysis

In the past, analysis was strictly the domain of the expert or specialist, often with complete departments in larger companies dedicated to the function.

Today low cost computing power and a wide range of analysis tools are readily available to the engineerToday low-cost computing power and a wide range of analysis tools are readily available to the engineer. Facilities such as Computer-Aided Design (CAD) geometry transfer, automatic 'meshing', in-built error checking, adaptive refinement and optimization tools, means that products have become much easier to use.

This has led to significant amounts of analysis being carried out by engineers throughout the product design cycle and to the rapid uptake of analysis technology by smaller companies.

At the same time, companies are wishing to reduce testing and rely, to an ever greater extent, on the results of engineering analysis as the means of performance verification. All of this places a high level of responsibility on the engineer or analyst.

Continuous Professional Development

It is widely recognized, that in order to maintain a skilled workforce and to secure competitive advantage in a rapidly evolving marketplace, that continual investment in training must take place. Many companies have empowered their employees with a responsibility to obtain suitable in-the-workplace knowledge. The age of lifelong learning is well and truly here.

How Can NAFEMS Help?

One of the central aims of NAFEMS, monitored through it's Education & Training Working Group , is to examine the educational and training needs for all those involved in engineering analysis and simulation, and to provide information to satisfy their needs.

This can be further divided into two specific aims.

  • To identify the educational and training needs of the less experienced analyst, to enable them to produce reliable and accurate numerical predictions, and to take the necessary steps to satisfy these requirements.

  • To identify the educational and training requirements of the more experienced analysts, to enable them to extend their area(s) of expertise, and to share their knowledge with the wider community.


NAFEMS provides the information, materials, events and networking opportunities to ensure that you and your colleagues are equipped with the knowledge and skills required in today competitive marketplace. Further information on the benefits of membership, and how to join NAFEMS, can be found in the membership section of the website.