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Simmetrix Releases Advanced Modeling support for Fracture Mechanics

CLIFTON PARK, NY, June 30, 2009 -- Simmetrix Inc., a leading provider of component software for simulation-based design and CAD/CAE integration, today announced the release of Simulation Modeling Suite 7.0 with advanced modeling functionality for Fracture Mechanics.  The GeomSim Advanced and MeshSim Advanced modules of Simulation Modeling Suite 7.0 provide access to state-of-the-art modeling for insertion of crack geometry and modified crack geometry due to crack propagation.

Fracture Mechanics, including the analysis of crack behavior, has been a growing area of simulation application.  Key issues associated with effective modeling of cracks include modeling the initial crack geometry and remeshing to account for the calculated crack growth in 3D.  The newly released capabilities offer a breakthrough technology to enable effective and efficient modeling of cracks as part of the simulation model. 

This new modeling approach provides for the definition of a crack surface or multiple crack surfaces into a previously meshed model.  The mesh may have been created by Simmetrix’ MeshSim module or by a different mesh generation tool.  The local area around the specified crack(s) is adjusted and a local structured crack tip mesh inserted at the crack front with transitioning to the remainder of the initial mesh.

Crack propagation from the analysis data can then be used to grow the crack geometry in 3D space.  The specified crack growth is not limited to planar growth and supports non-planar growth along the crack front.  After the new crack front geometry is defined, the local area around the modified crack(s) is adjusted and a local structured crack tip mesh inserted at the non-planar crack front.  This process is then repeated as appropriate to model the calculated 3-dimensional crack growth.

The crack insertion and crack propagation modeling are provided through the GeomSim Advanced and MeshSim Advanced modules of the Simulation Modeling Suite.  The Simulation Modeling Suite provides a toolkit approach for simulation modeling with an object oriented API interface, and is currently licensed by a broad range of commercial independent software vendors and internal development organizations.

About Simmetrix Inc.

Simmetrix Inc. is a leading provider of OEM component technology, software tools, and services for Simulation-Based Design and CAD/CAE integration. Simmetrix’ customers include simulation modeling software developers that provide a broad range of analysis applications including mechanical, electro-magnetic, fluids (CFD), and MEMS simulation. Simmetrix’ flagship product is the Simulation Modeling Suite, a comprehensive suite of component software tools to support Simulation Modeling directly from solid models providing problem definition, attribute management, CAE results management, and automatic mesh generation with support of mesh curving, mesh adaptivity, and anisotropic boundary layer mesh generation.  The Simmetrix tools enable automated creation and management of simulation data suitable for finite element, finite volume, and boundary element analysis directly from design data.  Simmetrix, founded in 1997, has offices in Clifton Park, NY and Clarkesville, GA. For more information, visit the Simmetrix web site at .


Date: June 30, 2009