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Simmetrix Offers Breakthrough Abstract Reasoning Capabilities

Simmetrix Offers Breakthrough Abstract Reasoning Capabilities

CLIFTON PARK, NY, September 18, 2009 -- Simmetrix Inc., the leading provider of component software for simulation-based design and CAD/CAE integration, today announced the release of Simulation Modeling Suite support of enhanced Abstract Reasoning capabilities for definition and use of Abstract Models for simulation. 

The desire for using simulation early and often in the design process results in a need to capture and reuse simulation definition data throughout the design process.  Abstract Modeling is a technology that facilitates the reuse of simulation data.  Abstract Reasoning provided by the Simulation Modeling Suite is a significant breakthrough in the definition and use of Abstract Models, which minimizes the need for tracking “identity tokens” or “tags” from the design model.  This approach, when combined with GeomSim Discrete, also allows for the reuse of mesh based data by assigning simulation related data (loads, boundary conditions, materials, …) based on the Abstract Reasoning functionality across multiple mesh based instances.

“The rise of simulation-based design emphasizes the need to reuse simulation knowledge in the product development process, across many design instances and alternatives”, says Keith Meintjes, Research Director at Collaborative Product Development Associates.  “Simmetrix provides the technology to implement this capability.  Simmetrix has consistently been a leader in the development of Abstract Modeling, and their new Abstract Reasoning functionality eliminates much of the need to specially ‘tag’ CAD geometry before it can be presented to an Abstract Model automation process.”

The Simulation Modeling Suite provides a unique architecture for providing Abstract Modeling capabilities including Abstract Reasoning functionality that works across a range of geometry instance input data including CAD data and mesh data.  The Abstract Reasoning capabilities allow for capture and automation of definition of simulation data to support; 1. reuse of simulation data, 2. higher level automation processes, 3. consistent and repeatable simulation processes, and 4. knowledge capture for simulation. 

About Simmetrix Inc.

Simmetrix Inc. is a leading provider of OEM component technology, software tools, and services for Simulation-Based Design and CAD/CAE integration. Simmetrix’ customers include simulation modeling software developers that provide a broad range of analysis applications including mechanical, electro-magnetic, fluids (CFD), and MEMS simulation. Simmetrix’ flagship product is the Simulation Modeling Suite, a comprehensive suite of component software tools to support Simulation Modeling directly from solid models providing problem definition, attribute management, CAE results management, and automatic mesh generation with support of mesh curving, mesh adaptivity, and anisotropic boundary layer mesh generation.  The Simmetrix tools enable automated creation and management of simulation data suitable for finite element, finite volume, and boundary element analysis directly from design data.  Simmetrix, founded in 1997, has offices in Clifton Park, NY and Clarkesville, GA. For more information, visit the Simmetrix web site at .


Date: September 18, 2009