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A new version of CAE Fidesys 3.1 is available

A new version of CAE Fidesys 3.1 is available

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The distribution kit of the new version of CAE Fideys 3.1 is available for download.

Additions and improvements to the functionality:

Added calculation of laminated (layered) shells (alpha version).
Added the ability to use local coordinate systems in the preprocessor
Improved the algorithm for working with boundary conditions of cyclic symmetry
Added the ability to perform topological optimization of models
Additions and improvements in the preprocessor:
Added 3D display -sections of beams in the
preprocessor Improved the process of setting properties for
blocks Improved algorithm for constructing triangular and tetrahedral meshes
Added new options for selecting objects
Added a new option for tightening corners
Added new options for deleting surfaces
Added a new technology for matching spacing when building a mesh
Added a new command for removing cavities in solid bodies
Added a command for removing overlapping volumes
Added new options in the context menu
Improved the technology for automatically generating hexahedral meshes
Improved import of geometric models with mesh