Altair launches Inspire Print3D for additive manufacturing design and simulation

Altair launches Inspire Print3D for additive manufacturing design and simulation

  Inspire Print3D is said to allow users to gain deep manufacturing insights quickly.

Altair has launched a new manufacturing simulation solution for additive manufacturing called Inspire Print3D.

Aimed specifically at selective laser melting (SLM), the software is said to provide a fast and accurate toolset to design and simulate the manufacturing process. Designers will be able to generate optimised designs and correct potential defects before printing to reduce trial and error by simulating part build, cooling, cutting and springback.

“Inspire Print3D is the latest of our manufacturing tools, and we are very excited to present it to the design engineering and additive manufacturing communities," said James Dagg, Altair chief technology officer, design and simulation solutions. "With Inspire Print3D, companies can now reduce development and manufacturing costs by minimizing part supports and reducing material usage, print times, and post-processing.”

Key features include support structure generation within the same environment as the designed part, user friendly interface, advanced thermo-mechanical simulation to reduce post-processing and avoid expensive errors, identification of large deformations, excessive heating and delamination, and the ability to validate and create files ready for 3D printing.

“M&H has been using Altair Inspire for additive manufacturing generative designs for several years and every year we strive to improve our designs,” said Dr. Jukka Pakkanen, additive manufacturing specialist at M&H CNC-TECHNIK GMBH. “The introduction of Inspire Print3D adds new possibilities and greatly enhances the capabilities for us to evaluate our designs and customer parts prior to manufacturing in order to react accordingly to any arising problems upfront. Failed prints are expensive because you may lose money in all areas like raw material, machine time, labor, and more. Being able to make unique parts correctly the first time is a competitive advantage promised with Inspire Print3D.”