Analysis for Innovators (A4I) Round 3 – Pathfinder Projects

Analysis for Innovators (A4I) Round 3 – Pathfinder Projects

The latest round of the A4I programme from Innovate UK and its partners (NPL, NEL, LGC & STFC) has now opened with up to £3M is available in total for Round 3. De-minimis and matched grant funding options will be available for successful projects.

But you need to be quick to take advantage of this opportunity as the first stage of problem submission closes at noon on 6th September. Fortunately, the initial application process is a short online application (see below)!

A4I is a very different programme from Innovate UK – it is designed to help UK businesses address difficult problems that restrict their potential productivity and competitiveness. The scope is very wide (chemical, physical, biological and computing) but the problems must be of a measurement or analysis nature. A4I targets real industry problems that exist with existing products and processes. As such it is of interest to companies that have not traditionally considered applying for funding. Any size of business, with any type of measurement or analysis problem, are eligible to apply.

The first two rounds of the Analysis for Innovators programme have helped many companies to overcome problems that limit productivity by helping companies to use the expertise and facilities at NPL, LGC, NEL and STFC. Examples of the companies that were funded under A4I Round 1 can be found at: Analysis for Innovators winning projects

The competition guidance document and the online application form for A4I Round 3 are at: Competition Details, Scope and Application Process.

To submit a problem to Stage 1 of the competition, you simply have 4 questions to answer:

  1. What is the problem?

  2.  What have you tried, if anything to solve it?

  3. What do you estimate the impact to the business would be if this problem is solved.
    We are looking for increased profitability, increased turnover or cost savings?

  4. Give the location and password of a short video which helps describe your problem, if you want to record one.

Round 3 of A4I is designed to give companies a head-start on addressing problems, using “Pathfinder” mini projects.

To learn more about the programme and prepare applications for this call, a Competition Briefing Event (and Webinar) is being organised in London on 3rd September. You can register at: A4I Round 3 Competition Briefing

But, if you can’t wait to find out more and want to have maximum time to apply,
please contact Nigel Rix ( at the Knowledge Transfer Network for help.