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ANSA v13.1.2 Release Announcement

BETA CAE Systems S.A. announces the release of ANSA v13.1.2, with new features and important code corrections.

Main new features introduced
* Visibility control with the new NEAR function
* Connections Manager: new options in several FE-Representations
* Handling of tailored-blank parts by the SKIN function
* Jacobian criterion calculation methods
* OpenFOAM quality criteria: non-orthogonality and Warping (Face Flatness)
* New 'Growth ratio' quality criterion
* Mesh quality improvement for Jacobian on 2nd order shells and solids:
o corner and mid nodes are moved
o controlled by the Mesh Parameters (Freeze volume skin, Fix quality allow distance values)
* Support of solid elements in IDEAS-V universal format
* Hexa Block meshing enhancements
* Kinematics tool:
o drawing mode per Kinematic Rigid Body
o Explode view
* NX NASTRAN: Support of CPYRAM pyramid solid element
* Abaqus: New supported keywords
* PAM-CRASH: updates and numerous new keywords support for v2010
* PERMAS: New dependency errors detection function and new keywords support
* Enhancements in ANSA - TOSCA Environment
* Scripting language extensions

Known issues resolved
* Windows platforms: missing focus from fields to be edited
* Compare Report: improper display of filtering results
* Blocking in conversion of hexahedral Dyna spotweld for self-welded parts
* Batch Mesh Wrap scenario: Improper target element length
* Volume Mesh Translate - Dual Sweep: ignoring local coordinate system
* Solid elements Fix Quality:
o Abaqus min/max angles
o Jacobian on 2nd order improper results
o ignoring the Freeze Volume skin setting
* Improper operation of renumbering rules for Include files
* Importing STL files grater than 2Gb
* Includes Configurator: unable to load files on Windows XP 64bit
* NASTRAN RBE3 creation using the Facets option
* Abaqus: Improper reading of SPOS/SNEG of SETS
* LS-DYNA import Include_Transform:offset values for Parts were not applied for Part_Composite
* CFD Decks: copied Size Boxes improper handling

For more details about the new software features, enhancements and corrections please, refer to the Release Notes document.



Date: February 11, 2011