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ANSA v13.2.0 release announcement

ANSA v13.2.0 for aero-engineering

BETA CAE Systems S.A. announces the release of ANSA v13.2.0 with impressive new features and known problems resolved

Supported platforms:
ANSA v13.2.x and the respective CAD Data Translators, will be available on MS-Windows, Linux and Mac OS only.
The following UNIX platforms: HP-UX, IBM-AIX and SUN-Solaris will be discontinued.
The support of Windows 2000 SP3 will also be discontinued and Windows XP SP1 will be the earliest MS-Windows version to be supported.
For details, please review the latest document on the supported platforms and minimum system requirements

New features:
* Double precision for higher accuracy.
* Support of larger than 16GB .ansa files.
* Moldex3D pre-processing menu and interface.
* RadTherm pre-processing menu and interface.
* Simultaneous interpretion and merging of CAD files (IGES, STEP, VDA).
* Support of hierarchy information read from IGES files.
* Comparison tool applicable on solver input files (NASTRAN, LS-DYNA, Abaqus etc.).
* Zoom In/Out button on Lists window to focus on selected item.
* Multi conditional filter on Lists window.
* On screen mouse-buttons operation for visibility control.
* UnDO/ReDO operations in Focus commands using shortcut buttons.
* Various geometry definition and healing functions.
* Auto Middle Surface Mesh Generator: results improvement and significant reduction of memory allocation.
* Additional Mesh Quality criteria.
* Enhanced mesh handling tools.
* CFD mesh generator: mixed mesh (tria & quad) creation.
* Additional parameters for better volume mesh creation.
* Outline display of volumes.
* New options added for splitting volume elements.
* Voxel solid mesh gernerator.
* Hexa Block: Improvement of the automatic “O-GRID” treatment.
* Batch Mesh Manager: Wizard driven input for effortless generation of parameters and quality criteria.
* Batch Mesh Manager: Significant improvement in surface triangular mesh on solid components.
* Batch Mesh Manager: Option for element length treatment on flanges has been added.
* New Connections Selection Assistant interface.
* Connections importing options (offset & grouping).
* New connections comparison tool.
* New colour coding and on-screen visibility control of connections.
* Numerous new FE-Representations for all connection types.
* ANSA Data Management: enhanced and facilitated handling of "Include files".
* Graphical representation of Penetration depth.
* NASTRAN: Output option for MD Nastran, NX Nastran, NEi Nastran.
* Capturing of line elements in Display Model for NVH modelling.
* Numerous new keywords supported for all solvers.
* Interpretation of ADAMS/View to ANSA Kinematic Entities and vice versa.
* Extended ANSA Kinematics Tool with wide range of functionality.
* Preserving of the imported "unsupported keywords" as Auxiliary Include and restoration of them during Output.
* Results Mapping: support of composites mapping from Simulayt & FiberSim results formats.
* Laminate tool: new interface, PERMAS Composites support, various new options and applications.
* Check Manager: template driven interface for "single-shot" errors detection and reporting.
* NVH Console: diagram of the assembly of the include files, using connectors items, for NVH FRF and Modal Models based analyses.
* Include Files Configurator: new data handling options for saving and exporting.
* Occupant Safety: Ejection Mitigation - FMVSS 226 analysis tool.
* Dummy: direct mouse-driven and interactive dummy translation positioning.
* MORPH: New Direct Fitting morphing tool.
* MORPH: smoothing zone for nested elements option.
* MORPH: support of sensitivity-based morphing on polygon and polyhedral elements.
For more details about the new software features, enhancements and corrections please, refer to the Release Notes document.

Known issues resolved:
* Erroneous measurement of distance between Faces.
* Realization of RBE2s by Connection Lines was producing NASTRAN dependency errors.
* COMPARE: Differences in Abaqus STEP manager were not traced.
* Hot Points on triple bounds junctions might not be deleted after perimeters' join.
* Holes’ recognition has been significantly improved.
* VOLUMES>EXTRUDE>REVOLUTE: accuracy issues.
* The RE-MESH function on macro areas with MAP [Tria] was generating MAP [Quad] mesh.
* Wrong calculation of "Growth Ratio" and "Non-orthogonality" quality criteria.
* The correction of the Property Thickness Penetration on 2nd order solid elements was not moving the mid-nodes.
* Renumber Tool: Special Rules with Force option, might be creating conflicts, by assigning free IDs.
* NASTRAN: errors in the exported files format, when the option "Continuation lines" was disabled.
* Abaqus: Solid elements C3D8L, were outputted as C3D8R, when the option Abaqus/Explicit was enabled.
* Abaqus: DOF field of *BOUNDARY was erroniously read when "Magn" was blank.
* LS-DYNA: DAMPING was not outputted when the "Model" output option was used.
* PAM-CRASH: imported BAGIN data cards were ignored if the referenced GASPEC data were missing.
* PAM-CRASH: the LC and RC fields of RWALL might be outputted in wrong position.
* PAM-CRASH: the Transformation information within the IMP/EXPORT was not fully written in the exported file.
* RADIOSS: the *SUBSET was not written out when include files were also output.
* ANSYS: output of 2nd order CONTA174 and TARG174 elements, was leading to conflicts.
* MEDINA: exporting GASKET elements of 2nd order, was causing unexpected termination of the program.
and more..
For more details about the new software features, enhancements and corrections please, refer to the Release Notes document.

See the complete online announcement:


Date: October 18, 2011