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ANSA v13.2.3 release announcement

BETA CAE Systems S.A. announces the release of ANSA v13.2.3, with enhancements and known problems resolved.
Some of the enhancements:

  • ansa v13.2.3 imageCAD data Translators: significant performance improvement.
  • Connection Manager: enhanced searching options and capabilities for the automatic identification and assignment of connectivity info for Bolt connections.
  • Higher accuracy of automatic nodal distribution for CFD mesh.
  • Volume mesh layers can grow from very sharp trailing edges.
  • CGNS Input supports latest libraries.
  • Results Mapper: New options for Laminate mapping.
  • Safety: New Seat Impact Testing Tool to set up seat impact test load cases. Automatically calculates and creates the test zones per the ECER17, ECER21, FMVSS201 and FMVSS202A regulations and locates the testing device to the Target Points.
  • NVH Console: Save / Load of Connectors, Loads and Assemblies.
  • New Check to detect quad elements with two free opposite edges.
  • Enhancements in LS-DYNA Checks for DB CROSS SECTIONS and DB HISTORIES.
  • OpenFOAM Pressures now accept negative values.
  • Fluent Output: the volumes are now written-out as different properties with a relevant name.
  • SC/TETRA Input: the entities of Closed Volumes are matched to Volumes and the Volumetric Regions to SETs.
  • MORPH: node based sensitivities can be plotted.
  • and more...

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Date: July 31, 2012