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CAESES 4.0 Released


FRIENDSHIP SYSTEMS AG has released CAESES® 4.0, a new major version of the upfront modeling and optimization platform. With version 4.0, “CAESES®/FRIENDSHIP-Framework” is now simply called CAESES®. Along with the new brand, FRIENDSHIP SYSTEMS AG has also introduced new logos and new corporate colors, as well as a redesigned graphical user interface.

The new “Free Form (Box) Deformation” capabilities of CAESES® allow the user to quickly and intuitively apply shape modifications to existing geometries. One can choose from a set of various operations that are applied to the geometry data (surfaces and volume meshes) in a user-defined 3D range that are specified by flexible boxes.

Driven by several customer requests, CAESES® now comes with direct and seamless access to the free optimization toolkit Dakota. Users can choose from a set of pre-configured methods such as sensitivity analysis and response surface based optimizations. Furthermore, one can readily load own customized Dakota input files into CAESES® to run Dakota with your preferred strategies. The entire powerful method set of Dakota can be accessed and managed through CAESES®.

For all variation and optimization strategies (i.e. not only for Dakota) a new widget has been introduced that shows a dynamic matrix of charts for visualizing trends and correlations. With these new colorful charts, users immediately get a good overall picture of the effects of design variables and the status of a current run process. These charts are updated during the run, and designs can also be interactively picked from the resulting charts.

Finally, FRIENDSHIP SYSTEMS AG has spent a lot of time to further improve the quality and the generation time of blade shapes. The entire design process – starting with a parametric 2D profile, up to a fully parametric and variable 3D blade shape – has been fully reviewed.

There is a free version available on the website of FRIENDSHIP SYSTEMS AG.


Date: August 10, 2015