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Call for Proposals for HPC-Cloud Application Experiments

First Call for new Fortissimo 2 application experiments

HPC-cloud applications

The Fortissimo 2 Call-1 targets the augmentation of the existing set of application experiments, which is to be understood to mean the experiments which are being executed as part of the initial tranche of experiments in Fortissimo 2, as well as the application experiments of the original Fortissimo project.

The new application experiments should provide business relevant investigations and demonstrations of high-performance data analytics or of modelling and simulation of coupled phenomena in the Fortissimo HPC Cloud that deliver business benefits for manufacturing and engineering SMEs and mid-caps

Priority will be given to proposals for experiments which:

  • are driven by the requirements of first-time HPC users and, by implication, organisations engaging in Fortissimo for the first time;

  • complement the activities already included within Fortissimo.

In this context, complementarity is understood to mean activities that address new applications, business cases, industrial sectors and market segments and the enhancement of the project’s ability to demonstrate the impact of the Fortissimo approach for a broad set of industrial users. Extensions of existing experiments are thus not considered to be complementary.

Fortissimo 2 experiments should also consider how they can develop services, deployed in the Fortissimo marketplace, which can subsequently be used by other end-users.

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Date: February 19, 2016