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Ceetron releases Ceetron Cloud for cloud-based viewing and sharing of FEA and CFD models

ceetron cloud

Trondheim, Norway-November 18, 2015. Ceetron is pleased to announce the release of Ceetron Cloud.

Ceetron Cloud is Ceetron’s CAE end user offering for secure storing, viewing, and sharing in the cloud. It supports sharing through the sharing of URLs, embedding of models in any web site, as well as my page-type portals. It also supports viewing in any browser (as long as WebGL), with no installation, no license, and no plugin.

Ceetron Cloud is delivered on a subscription basis, with standard (free), premium, and enterprise subscription levels.

The release of Ceetron Cloud is complemented with the releases of cloud-enabled versions of Ceetron Export and Ceetron 3D Viewer (both of which were released earlier this month), and GLview Inova, Cloud Edition (scheduled for release on November 24, 2015).

Ceetron will moving forward release Ceetron Web Component for cloudification of engineering applications based on private or public clouds, and built on same technology. GA release is scheduled for H2 2016, but the technology will be made available to selected OEM customers in H1.

The release of Ceetron Cloud is part of Ceetron's endeavor to build a market-leading technology platform for the CAE community for 3D viewing and sharing of FEA and CFD models in the cloud.

For more information about Ceetron Cloud, see


Date: November 18, 2015