DATADVANCE is Referenced on Datadock

DATADVANCE is Referenced on Datadock

datadvance is datadocked

We are pleased to announce that DATADVANCE is acknowledged to meet the quality criteria defined by French government for vocational training organisations, and is now referenced on Datadock.
Datadock is a dedicated database of training providers created by training funding institutions in France (OPCA's, CIF and other) to ensure the transparency of all training offers, and ultimately, to improve the training quality overall. Referencing on Datadock is currently a mandatory requirement for the financiers in France to reimburse any professional trainings.
Datadock’s creation ensued from the law of 5th March 2014 and the 2015 decree of 30th June 2015, that defined 6 quality criteria for training providers to match:

- Precise identification of the training objectives and adaptation to its audience
- Adaptation of reception, educational monitoring and evaluation systems
- Adequacy of the technical and supervisory teaching resources of the training offer
- Qualification and training of personnel in charge of training the public
- Information of the public on the training offer
- Taking into account the assessments given by the trainees

Funding institutions must verify the compliance of training organizations to ensure the quality of the services before financing them. For that purpose, they have defined 21 indicators itemized in Datadock. The applicants must qualify for these indicators and go through the validation process.

DATADVANCE was certified to be compliant, and our listing in Datadock allows you to reimburse your training expenses by the funding organizations in France.