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Take part in a new popular history and engineering TV series for UK Channel 5...

Dragonfly Productions is looking for people to take part in a newpopular history and engineering series for Channel 5...

Are you a die-hard engineering enthusiast? Do you have the skill and ambition to recreate historical innovations?
“Beat the Ancestors” is a new, exciting TV series from the UK that sees a team of modern-day men and women battling against history’s most ingenious minds.

Their challenge: to rebuild iconic inventions that changed history: from siege engines to gunpowder mills, early automobiles to invasion crafts. 

The ultimate test: can they use their modern knowledge to improve on the original design?

If this sounds like an exciting challenge, please contact us on: or 020 3487 1214

About the company: Dragonfly is the award-winning television productioncompany behind hit series One Born Every Minute, The Hotel and World’s ToughestTruckers. To learn more about us, please visit our website at


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Date: March 20, 2012