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Endurica Digital Twin (DT) Interface

CAE software adds remaining life simulation option!

The Endurica Digital Twin (DT) Interface is a newly available option for Endurica CL, the industry-leading solution for rubber fatigue analysis.

Endurica DT includes features for:
Computing damage from a schedule or histogram with multiple load cases.
Stopping and restarting an analysis with incremental load history updates to obtain residual life and virtual damage state for Digital Twin applications.
Pre- and post-processing of fatigue analyses from the Abacus, ANSYS, and MSC/Marc Finite Element solvers.

With this new interface, computing damage from a set of scheduled load cases now enables tire developers to simulate the FMVSS 119 / 139 tire durability and high speed regulatory standards. Residual life following various tire abuse scenarios (overload, pothole, cleat impact, curbing, etc.) can now be easily computed. Applications in the automotive component sector include enabling developers concerned with checking part durability against block cycle testing specifications to simulate such tests through Endurica DT.

The capability to stop and restart an analysis is aimed at Digital Twin applications involving elastomer components where loading history is recorded on a periodic basis, and is used to generate diagnostics and analytics for continuous monitoring of structural health.


Date: May 4, 2018