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GENESIS and Design Studio version 12 Releases

Vanderplaats Research & Development is pleased to announce the release of
GENESIS 12.0 ( ) and its graphical interface
Design Studio for Genesis 12.0 ( )

Partial List of GENESIS 12.0 New Features and Enhancements:

· New nonlinear contact analysis capability
· New second order elements added
· Reusable eigenvectors
· Performance improvement in the optimization process
· New random response available for all types of optimization
· New shifted responses available for all types of optimization
· User function of dynamic responses now available for topology
· New fabrication constraints for topography, topometry, topology and freeform optimization

Partial List of Design Studio for GENESIS 12.0 New Features and Enhancements:

· Lua Scripting Plugin
· Find Filter Highlighting
· Empty List Prompts
· Input Extension Preference
· New Image File Defaults
· Genesis 12.0 Compatibility
· New Examples
· New Viewport Ruler
· New Group Color Option
· Mouse Wheel Zoom
· New Identify Buttons
· Convert Element Order
· 1-D Element Orientation
· Subdivide Existing Domains
· New Domain Creation Option
· New Data Deletion Option
· Fine-grained Controls
· Frequency Response X-Y Popup
· Result Comments

The electronic versions of the Genesis manuals have been updated to reflect all new
input data. The Design Studio Examples Manual has been improved by adding 13 new
examples. Currently this manual has over 120 step-by-step examples that cover a large
number of commonly used design tasks.

We hope you find the new features added to this release useful and we encourage
existing users to upgrade and potential users to sign up for a free trial so everyone
can benefit from this new release.For more information on Genesis, Design Studio and
other VR&D products, please do not hesitate to email us or visit our web site ( )


Date: March 4, 2011