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Nonlinear Analysis of Concrete Girders - International Contest

At an international workshop on shear force held in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, 2007,ULS predictions of three different concrete girder experiments were presented. The results prepared by six teams using six different nonlinear concrete software packages showed a large scatter. Also the prediction of the crack patterns at ULS and SLS load levels showed a
large scatter. Research on the developing of a “Guideline for nonlinear analysis of concrete
girders” was therefor started. The fib Model Code 1990 was the basic document when Peter Feenstra started the development of the guideline. From 2010 the draft version of the Model Code 2010 was used. 

Today the MC2010 and the Eurocode2 both allow to check the design capacity of concrete objects by nonlinear analysis with so-called safety formats. Validation of the guideline is done by simulations of old and new experiments. To verify human and software effects, several people were involved in this project and two commercially available software packages were used. Finally the guideline was published in May 2012 and used in out-sourcing engineering work for re-examinations of existing concrete structures in the Netherlands.

To verify that this guideline is also acceptable for a larger group of international end-users and other software packages, a prediction contest of T-shaped prestressed girders is setup, based on the content of the guideline. The four almost similar precast prestressed girders have been manufactured in May of 2012 and used for other tests, which were not damaging the girders itself. The tests of the girders by Sebastiaan Ensink will take place from the second half of August until October 2014 in the Stevin Laboratory of Delft University of Technology.

The Shear Force Workshop, with contributions of the participants, is planned in the first week of November 2014 at the University of Parma. Beatrice Belletti and Cecilia Damoni, members of this university, were strongly involved in the validation of the guideline, in close cooperation with Jan Rots, Max Hendriks and Joop de Uijl from the Delft University of Technology. At the end of the workshop, there will be a winner!
Winner Contest: € 500,

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Date: April 8, 2014