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intrinSIM and Ora Research to Collaborate on Simulation Market Research

Intrinsim - Ora ResearchClarkesville, GA and Raleigh, NC, Jun 3, 2016 – intrinSIM, a premier source of go-
to-market services and technology licensing for engineering applications, and Ora Research, a leading market research firm in the engineering software space, have
established a collaboration to research, report and advise on simulation market
trends and dynamics.

The joint intrinSIM/Ora Research projects will seek to identify emerging CAE market
segments that are creating high value for initial adopters, but to date have been
under-recognized, under-covered by press and industry analysts, and under-
adopted relative to their potential value for engineering organizations. Through
early identification, study, analysis and documentation of these emerging new CAE
market segments and adjuncts, we hope to accelerate their recognition, adoption and growth, thus strengthening those segments for both engineering practitioners and technology providers.

The first joint project is already underway and aims to analyze and quantify the market for design space exploration, design optimization and simulation process automation software technologies. This market has been growing rapidly in importance and revenue in recent years and has reached a point where it warrants a separate study of the current status, trends and dynamics. intrinSIM and Ora Research have been working together to provide insights into this emerging market and will release results of this research project shortly.

About intrinSIM

intrinSIM is a premier source of go-to-market and technology related services along with a portfolio of leading edge embeddable technologies suitable for developing commercial or in-house engineering applications. intrinSIM has a leadership role in the industry wide ASSESS Initiative. intrinSIM was founded in 2010 with the intention to accelerate the growth of the engineering software market by Connecting Worldwide Business & Technology and has a leadership role in the industry wide ASSESS Initiative. intrinSIM collaborative strategic relationships with Cambashi, Cyon Research, Ora Research, and Smart2Market with offices in Clarkesville, GA, Madison, AL, and Moore, OK. For more information, visit the intrinSIM web site at .

About Ora Research

Ora Research investigates new technologies that improve innovation, quality and performance and reduce schedule, cost and risk in the engineering of manufactured products and built assets. We seek to identify technologies that are yielding high return for initial adopters and are on the cusp of first-wave mainstream acceptance. We offer research and advisory services to help engineering organizations evaluate, select and justify new technology investments, and to help technology providers qualify and quantify new market opportunities and validate demand drivers. For more information, visit the Ora Research web site at


Date: June 10, 2016