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LMS International and e-Xstream partner on composite fatigue analysis and composite simulation

Stefaan Goossens

LMS International and e-Xstream engineering have started a strategic partnership to develop fatigue tools for random fiber-reinforced composites.

Composite materials are increasingly seen as a viable alternative to conventional engineering materials. Besides being extremely lightweight, quasi-random fiber composites are easy to manufacture and offer numerous advantages compared to conventional metals. Although promising, using quasi-random fiber composite materials in structural parts is still limited because it is difficult to assess mission-critical performance issues, like durability.

“An accurate prediction of composite fatigue performance requires in-depth knowledge of fatigue and the anisotropic, heterogeneous and process-dependent behavior of composite materials. Combining our mutual expertise and software capabilities will add accuracy and predictability to the benefit of our common customer base” stated Dr. Roger Assaker, CEO of e-Xstream.

Until today, reliable and computationally inexpensive simulation methods for composite durability assessment were unavailable, making it difficult to realistically implement them into the digital design cycle. To overcome this, the combined LMS and e-Xstream tools and services bridge the gap between manufacturing simulation results and the prediction and improvement of composite fatigue behavior. This allows a unique seamless integration of local material modeling, finite element calculations and fatigue prediction

“With e-Xstream, LMS has found an extremely innovative partner with the necessary knowledge, skills and complementary software products in material modeling,” said Stefaan Goossens, Vice President, Simulation Division at LMS International. “Combined with our 20 years of fatigue loads and simulation know-how, the partnership enables us to produce software solutions that are both accurate and efficient from the very start of our collaboration. Shortly, our customers will be able to confidently use innovative composite materials to produce lighter, more sustainable and eco-friendly products.”

An industry milestone, these solutions will premiere at the LMS European Vehicle Conference in May 2011 in Munich. More information:

About LMS International

LMS, the leading partner in test and mechatronic simulation in the automotive, aero- space and other advanced manufacturing industries, helps customers get better products to market faster. With a unique combination of mechatronic simulation software, testing systems and engineering services, LMS tunes into mission critical engineering attributes, ranging from system dynamics, structural integrity and sound quality to durability, safety and power consumption. With multi-domain and mechatronic simulation solutions, LMS addresses complex engineering challenges associated with intelligent system design and model-based systems engineering. More than 900 LMS professionals serve over 5,000 manufacturing companies worldwide.

About e-Xstream engineering

e-Xstream engineering is a software and engineering services company, 100% focused on state-of-the-art multi-scale modeling of advanced composite materials and structures. e-Xstream develops and commercializes DIGIMAT, the nonlinear multi-scale material and structure modeling platform. DIGIMAT is used by material suppliers and users across industries, such as automotive, aerospace, consumer & industrial products, and medical devices and materials (PMC, RMC, MMC, nano...) to reduce the time and cost of developing innovative products. e-Xstream provides its customers with a complete and optimal modeling solution that fits their specific needs and integrates within their design processes from raw material compounding to processing and application in the final product. With a continuously increasing customer base worldwide, e-Xstream complements its deep expertise in material and structural modeling and numerical simulation with the business understanding of a large variety of materials and industries. For more information, please visit

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Date: March 10, 2011