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LMS TecWare Rev 3.8 delivers 20% process efficiency increase

One of the key challenges for durability engineers today is to handle large volumes of load data. No matter whether the load data is generated via extensive field-testing, laboratory testing or numerical simulation, the last thing durability engineers want to do is spend months interpreting it. LMS TecWare streamlines the process by consolidating acquired load data, analyzing durability-specific characteristics and preparing it for re-use in simulation, proving ground testing and rig test campaigns.

Bruno Massa, Vice-President Test Division at LMS international, commented, “Customers have benchmarked LMS TecWare Rev 3.8 against in-house processing and analysis tools as well as competing software. It has been shown to increase overall data processing efficiency by 20% with a factor 10 time-saving for spectral calculations. With flowchart-styled data processing, LMS TecWare customers can confidently set up large, complex jobs to be run off-shift without user interaction.”

One of the main reasons for this type of performance efficiency is the improved ProcessBuilder released in LMS TecWare Rev 3.8. Optimized for larger data sets, the LMS TecWare ProcessBuilder is a dedicated graphical environment for defining, optimizing and executing an unlimited number of analysis tasks. Programming skills are not required since tasks are intuitively defined by dragging, dropping and connecting individual analysis steps. Additional channels, higher sampling rates, longer
measurement campaigns are challenges of the past since the LMS TecWare software processes data
quicker than ever with multi-core support. Procedures set up in LMS TecWare ProcessBuilder can be executed around the clock without any user interaction – a key reason that the software is such a success at OEMs.

Besides the improved LMS TecWare ProcessBuilder, other ease-of-use factors include visualized data
flows and comparison displays and a formula editor to define mathematical operations for measured
channels. Fully interoperable with Microsoft® Excel, LMS TecWare lets engineers immediately access
measurement meta-information and overall statistics for a quick data quality review and document procedures in Microsoft® Word or PowerPoint reports.

Automation plays a vital role as well. LMS TecWare Rev 3.8 can automatically locate any anomaly in
the acquired load data. A Microsoft® Excel report summarizes all potential anomalies resulting from
power failures, spikes, offsets, drifts and overloads. As a result, users only need to focus on a limited
subset of data channels and time events; this also drastically accelerates the data validation process.

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Date: February 14, 2011