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LMS UK Engineering Conference - Call for Presentations

Aerospace and Automotive companies are under increasing pressure to deliver better, more innovative products in less time and with shorter prototype cycles, whilst having to satisfy increasingly stringent legislation. Consequently, Simulation and Testing face new demands and LMS UK's Engineering Conference provides the ideal venue for engineers to share their vision and present the direction they are taking to address the next generation of engineering challenges.

LMS welcomes you to the 2012 LMS UK Engineering Conference that will take place on June 28, 2012. 

This conference is a forum for decision makers and technical experts to share their vision and present the direction they are taking to address the next generation of engineering challenges in the automotive and aerospace industry.Companies are under increasing pressure to get products to market faster and use less prototype cycles. This brings many challenges for both the vehicle and aerospace engineering community :
  • How to meet the increasingly stringent regulations for fuel economy, energy efficiency and CO2 reduction?
  • How to manage trade-offs between fuel economy and comfort for new power train concepts?
  • How to manage the upcoming stricter noise emission regulations and the impact on NVH and comfort of eco-driven measures?
  • How to address the industry requirements to manage a growing complexity in aerospace design, achieve early system maturity and solve integration issues ?
  • How to guarantee that stringent aviation and space compliancy requirements are properly met ?
…while managing clear market expectations on brand values such as comfort, performance and reliability…

LMS welcomes presentations on real-life business applications, best practices, improved processes and new research methods and tools. Topics could include:
  • Moving forward in Mechatronic Systems development in engine, transmission, driveline, chassis, thermal and cooling, electrical and battery, systems
  • Energy Management: balancing fuel economy requirements with drivability and thermal comfort
  • New Acoustics, Vibration, Driving performance and Comfort challenges on vehicle and component level
  • Reliability and Durability: contributing to sub-system and total vehicle quality
  • Model-based aircraft system development : from early concept to final validation
  • Dynamic testing for aircraft and components including ground vibration, flutter and jet engines
  • Dynamic simulation for aircraft and components including ground loads, landing gear design
  • Landing gear shimmy, and mechanism design
  • Space system qualification and acceptance testing

The closing date for abstract submission is April 2, 2012.

To register your interest in submitting a presentation, please email Leonie Hume ( or call 02476 408120

Important Dates 

  1. Abstract submission deadline is April 2nd 
  2. Acceptance of abstract will be notified by April 13th 
  3. Submission of final presentation will be by June 15th

Please visit to submit your presentation proposal online or email before April 2, 2012.


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Date: February 16, 2012