Navantia Leverages Ansys' Digital Transformation Solutions to Design Next-Gen Naval Vessels

Navantia Leverages Ansys' Digital Transformation Solutions to Design Next-Gen Naval Vessels

Navantia and Ansys are substantially decreasing the design time and boosting the performance of next-generation navy vessels, such as F-110 frigates and S-80 submarines. Through a new strategic agreement, Navantia engineers will leverage Ansys' solutions as part of the Shipyard 4.0 Integrated Business Management System — Navantia's leading-edge technology platform that includes digital technologies across the operational lifecycle of navy ships to improve product quality and speed production.

To enhance ship design, maximize construction speed and minimize development costs, engineering processes and procedures must ensure that simulation tools and data are fused across the enterprise digital ecosystem and throughout a vessel's lifecycle. This collaboration equips Navantia engineers with Ansys' comprehensive suite of simulation solutions to spur the development of highly advanced frigates and submarines — significantly lessening vessel signatures, decreasing the impact of external and environmental threats and producing lightweight and optimized components.

Integrating Ansys' solutions drastically improves Navantia's simulation process and data management capabilities and automates engineering workflows across Navantia's digital thread to heighten operational efficiency. Additionally, physics-based digital twins will help ship engineers monitor performance and maintenance requirements of deployed vessels, helping to promote the safety and productivity of naval warfighters.

"Ansys is furthering Shipyard 4.0's mission by providing industry-leading simulation solutions and digital twin technology to our entire digital enterprise. This serves as a formidable force multiplier for increasing our innovation capacity and represents a dynamic new direction for engineering smart products and services," said Donato Martinez, chief technology officer at Navantia. "Under this new agreement, Ansys will empower our engineers to create a multitude of bold new designs, improve simulation fidelity, dramatically boost product performance and cut development time and cost."

"Together with Navantia, we are building highly advanced smart ships that provide lifesaving abilities," said Prith Banerjee, chief technology officer at Ansys. "Ansys will support Navantia by enhancing a clear digitization strategy within an open environment and enabling a robust shared knowledge infrastructure for their engineering teams, which will improve collaboration. Additionally, Ansys solutions will drive engineering productivity, creating highly efficient workflows that were inconceivable only a few years ago."