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New release of SDC Verifier 2021. AIJ 2005 and AS 3990 standards supported out of the box

New release of SDC Verifier 2021. AIJ 2005 and AS 3990 standards supported out of the box


SDC Verifier 2021

In the new release of SDC Verifier 2021, an advanced code checking software, two new standards supported AIJ (2005 Edition, 2017) Design Standard for Steel Structures, based on Allowable Stress Concept for Beam Members and Standards Australia AS 3990 (1993). (Mechanical equipment—Steelwork, Section 5 Design of Beams) in beta. SDC Verifier 2021 supports FKM Analytical strength assessment (6th revised edition, 2012)
The new version of SDC Verifier supports Ansys 2021 R1, Femap 2021.1, Simcenter 3D 2020.2

On March 17th SDC Verifier will host a webinar: SDC Verifier 2021 R1. What's New, where all major features implemented in the new version will be covered.
SDC Verifier is an engineering company on a mechanical and structural design that provides engineering consultancy services and develops its own code checking software. The SDC Verifier software is a powerful standard checking tool that works within different FEA solutions such as ANSYS, Femap, Simcenter 3D. It helps to automatically verify your FEA results according to multiple industry standards such as DIN, EN, Eurocode, FEM, AISC, Norsok, ISO, DNVGL, ABS, DVS, FKM, AIJ, AS. The goal of SDC Verifier is to automate all possible routine work, speed up the verification of the engineering projects significantly, and easily create an advanced engineering report.

For more information about the release please read What’s new in SDC Verifier 2021: