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New CastNet Release: Enhanced case setup in OpenFOAM® and new analysis types in CalculiX

OpenFOAM®’s rocket solvers support templates in CastNet: The figures show evaporating particles with strong interactions in a quench.

CastNet V4.2 for OpenFOAM® and CalculiX

DHCAE Tools GmbH is pleased to provide the new version of CastNet 4.2 and runGui 3.0. Our modelling environment CastNet is a pre-processing tool that supports the complete workflow of CFD and structural analysis as well as interaction problems, e.g. fluid structure interaction or fluid induced thermal stresses.

Supported open source solver technology:

1. OpenFOAM® support:

What’s new in CastNet for OpenFOAM®:
  • CastNet provides a comprehensive support for the OpenFOAM® releases up to 3.0 from the OpenFOAM® Foundation as well as for the Windows port provided by blueCAPE.

  • Jobs can directly be submitted to the cloud from runGui. This allows access to high computer resources for CFD or CSM directly from a desktop PC.

  • A variety of new solvers and case setup features with templates for an easier case setup is available for reacting flows and advanced particle modelling (*reactingFoam and *reactingParcleFoam solver).

  • TwoPhaseEulerFoam is now supported for all OpenFOAM® versions. 

  • Mesh Utilities  Extrude mesh now works more intuitively.

Key features of OpenFOAM® support: CastNet supports more than 30 OpenFOAM® solvers and numerous OpenFOAM® utilities. In particular, a direct setup for the conjugate heat transfer solvers is available. Arbitrary Mesh Interface (AMI) applications can be defined within the GUI as well. Cell zone and face zone based features (porous zones, baffles, fans etc.) can be defined on the CAD model entities directly.

Cross platform support: CastNet can be run on both Windows and Linux. Simulation cases can be exchanged between the different operating systems. This way, the user can stay within his Windows environment for CAD applications, mesh generation and case setup while running the simulations on a high performance Linux cluster.

Runtime job control: With the runGui tool, a suitable and powerful job control system is provided. Amongst others, convergence monitoring, access to OpenFOAM® utilities or automatic solver stabilization during runtime is available within a single graphical user interface. New: runGui offers the options to jump to recently used case directories quickly, and to retrieve information on the state of the current case.

2. CalculiX support:

For Structural Analysis, the FEA solver CalculiX is supported by CastNet. CalculiX is a finite element solver for stress analysis with non-linear capabilities such as contact or non-linear material behaviour. With the new release, a deeper and consistent integration of the structural solver CalculiX into the workbench is realized by providing full post-processing capabilities for CalculiX

What’s new in CastNet for CalculiX:
  • New CalculiX to ParaView VTK converter: 
    • A new converter for CalculiX results is available in runGui.
    • The frdToVTK converter translates the CalculiX results to ParaView’s VTK format.
    • The time steps are available in ParaView. 
  • CalculiX executable directly shipped with rungGui: The runGui installer for Windows provides optional installation of the CalculiX executable.
  • The CalculiX solver can be started from runGui directly.
  • The number of CPU cores to be used can be defined easily.

This offering is not approved or endorsed by ESI Group, the producer of the OpenFOAM® software and owner of the OPENFOAM® and OpenCFD® trademarks.


Date: February 25, 2016