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Fluent Introduces CoolSim Data Center Environment Thermal Audit Solution


Fluent has announced the company's new solution for data center cooling, CoolSim.

CoolSim is designed to help dramatically reduce the risk of thermal-related equipment failures by enabling data center facility owners, engineers and designers to accurately simulate air flow and temperatures for various equipment racks throughout the entire data center. With CoolSim thermal audits of a data center, planners and operations managers can quickly identify and correct potential thermal problems before they can negatively impact a company's equipment, data or business operations. Moreover, CoolSim helps companies better manage the costly burden of cooling of data centers.

With cooling costs and equipment power densities continuing to rise, CoolSim can help facility designers identify the optimal layout of new data centers. By analyzing CoolSim's comprehensive reports, operations managers can locate problem areas and address the need for additional cooling as newer equipment is added to existing racks. CoolSim makes it easy to analyze the effects of computing equipment upgrades on existing racks as well as changes in data center layouts, which can be compared when evaluating alternatives to expensive new HVAC installations.

CoolSim's easy-to-use user interface lets companies quickly build models of various design alternatives or failure scenarios, while its comprehensive simulation and reporting features give managers and planners important information that they need to effectively manage the thermal environment in their data center. CoolSim leverages Fluent's Remote Simulation Facility, the CFD modeling expertise of Fluent's consulting engineers, and the reputation and power of its FLUENT® flow modeling solutions to ensure quick and accurate simulations.

CoolSim takes into consideration all critical thermal aspects of data center operations, from plenum to ceiling. CoolSim models accurately reflect equipment density, power consumption, room and rack layout and HVAC/CRAC configurations. CoolSim's reporting feature can identify hot and cold aisle effectiveness, plenum airflow patterns, static pressure, tile airflow distributions and much more. Thermographic images for various room cross sections and animations of the airflow patterns enhance the data's usability by making it easy to interpret.

"One of the major issues in Data Centers today is not so much the lack of cooling as the lack of understanding of what the airflow in the data center is doing" said Michael K. Patterson, PhD, PE, senior thermal architect at Intel Corporation. "With the simplicity of CoolSim, backed by the rigor and strength of the FLUENT solver, I believe that the data center owner now has a tool that they can use to potentially increase computing density without adding cooling infrastructure."

"I was literally able to model a 7000-plus square-foot data center-complete with equipment racks, CRAC units, PDU's and RDC's in about one and a half hours, ready for computational analysis. CoolSim took the work out of model creation, letting me focus on the analysis of the facility" said Elliott L. Townsend of BRUNS-PAK.

CoolSim is available for immediate shipment. For configuration and pricing information, please contact a Fluent sales representative at +1-603-643-2600 or visit the Fluent website to request a one-on-one product demo or find your local contact.


Date: January 25, 2006