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Flomerics Releases Version 8.1 of EFD Analysis Software

(November 28, 2007) - Flomerics has released Version 8.1 of its increasingly popular Engineering Fluid Dynamics (EFD) simulation software, containing many new enhancements built on Flomerics’ 20 years experience and research in thermal analysis of electronics. The new functionality includes simulation of “Joule heating”, plus new “compact” models for IC components, heat pipes, and thermoelectric coolers. The treatment of thermal conductivity in printed-circuit boards has been improved and extended. The simulation of fans has also been improved with radial and swirl components of velocity as well as the fan performance curve now fully accounted for. Fans and heat sources can be switched on or off at specified times, temperatures or other specified engineering goals.

The new Joule heating model enables automatic determination of heat sources in conducting objects as they heat up due to electric current passing through them. The new “compact” models use a simple two-resistor approach to represent thermal characteristics of IC packages realistically and efficiently. Simplified models for heat pipes and thermoelectric coolers are also available. A new PCB generator enables automatic calculation of the orthotropic material properties associated with complex multi-layer printed circuit boards, and this treatment is applicable to boards set at any arbitrary angle to the coordinate system.

The comprehensive new library facility includes fans, thermoelectric coolers, thermal interface materials, perforated plates and material properties for most solid materials used in electronic systems - including surface radiation properties.

“The combination of our existing CAD-embedded approach to simulation coupled with the new electronics-specific functionality and comprehensive libraries in EFD Version 8.1 delivers maximum productivity for mechanical designers in the electronics industry and positions us far ahead of our competitors.” said Ivo Weinhold, Engineering Fluid Dynamics business manager at Flomerics.

A unique feature of EFD is its ability to detect fluid regions within a CAD solid model and mesh them automatically. In Version 8.1, this powerful feature has been enhanced to detect and close any external gaps or openings in the solid model automatically. This saves the user time and effort by making the definition of the fluid region even easier.

All the above functionality is available as an optional upgrade for users of CAD-embedded versions of EFD, namely EFD.Pro for Pro/ENGINEER, EFD.V5 for CATIAV5, and EFD.Lab for other CAD systems including SolidWorks, Inventor and NX.

EFD 8.1 is available for immediate delivery. Interested readers should send an email to to arrange a demonstration or evaluation.

About Flomerics
Flomerics is a world-leading developer of engineering simulation software and services for analysis of fluid flow, heat transfer and electromagnetic radiation. Flomerics' business model is drastically different from traditional analysis because its software is designed to be embedded deeply into the design process and used by mainstream design engineers, not just by analysis specialists.

EFD, EFD.Lab, EFD.V5, EFD.Pro are trademarks or trade names of Flomerics Ltd. All other products mentioned are trademarks or trade names of their respective companies.

For further information please contact:
Mike Reynell, Director of Marketing, Flomerics Ltd
+44 (0)208 487 3000


Date: November 28, 2007