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ESI Launch V2007 Products

ESI Group announces the release of the V2007 of CFD products. ESI Advanced CFD solutions include CFD-ACE+ for multidisciplinary and multi-physics simulation, CFD-Fastran for aerodynamic and aerothermodynamic simulation, and CFD-CADalyzer for CAD integrated CFD simulation.

Richard Thoms, CFD Product Manager says, 'The new physics in Version 2007 will strengthen our multiphysics capability and each new feature in Version 2007 is serially tested and validated to offer robust and reliable solution for our customers across the board.

With the resounding positive feedback from our users in semiconductor, automotive, aerospace, fuel cell, MEMS and microfluidics industry, I am confident that Version 2007 will offer great business value to our customers'.

Dr Ron Cresswell, Principle Scientist at James Hardie Research of Sydney, Australia, declares: 'The 2007 release of the software is yet another landmark of ESI Group which shows the benefits of listening to the needs of their customers.

Many improvements in the pre-processor, CFD-GEOM, have simplified the interface without sacrificing the power of the geometric modeling and meshing tools.

New capabilities in the solver continue to keep ESI Group at the forefront of technology, and show that they are continually striving to provide tools to tackle the issues.

In others words, when you can make the difficult jobs seem easy, the impossible becomes possible.

ESI Group provides tools that do just that'.

* CFD-ACE+ is the best-in-class design and analysis software for simulating complex plasma processes that represent a wide range of challenges for plasma engineers.

CFD-ACE+ 2007 provides fast and accurate CFD predictions for such processes as wafer deposition and arc discharge plasma applications.

CFD-ACE+ cavitation module is highly effective in simulating the deleterious phenomenon of cavitation that affects the performance of pumps.

With the addition of the aeration model, pump manufacturers can increase pump efficiency by precisely simulating the effects of aerated gases in liquids during the cavitation process.

* Parallelisation of CFD-Fastran is made robust and easier in the new release.

CFD-Fastran users can now run parallel procedure through automatic set-up and control of the run environment and achieve faster turnaround of results.

* A key highlight of the new release is the customisation of CFD-CADalyzer for regional users.

It is now available in localised languages such as Chinese and Japanese.

CFD-CADalyzer now supports Autodesk Inventor, SolidWorks, SolidEdge, Pro/Engineer Wildfire, and IronCAD with direct plug-ins as well as any other CAD system that can output ACIS SAT files.

Both methods allow users to perform simulation based design directly on their CAD models without hurdles.

* The ESI Group CFD pre/post-processor has been greatly improved in both functionality and ease of use.

The key new features include: - Capability to handle trimming loops in CFD-GEOM for simplification of unstructured grid generation; - Thin wall for thermal shield capability in CFD-VisCART for underhood cooling application; - Clip the ranges of cutting planes capability in CFD-VIEW for calculation and visualisation of a user specified range of data.


Date: January 16, 2007