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Network Analysis Announces New Product, SINDARad


Network Analysis Inc. (NAI) proudly announces its newest product, SINDARad, a new view factor computational software program.

SINDARad is a view factor computational software program developed by Network Analysis using technology acquired from Sandia National Labs. This technology allows models to have tens of thousands of surfaces, and still solve quickly compared to traditional radiation solvers. SINDARad is a module that integrates into Network Analysis FEA to SINDA/G translators to compute the radiation conductors required by the SINDA/G Thermal model. Models can be built in FEMAP, Patran or ANSYS Workbench using the SINDA/G Plug-in. SINDARad incorporates a Windows based interface to make the product user-friendly with a short learning curve.

SINDARad computes both the geometric view factors (Fij’s), and the Radiation Exchange Factors (REF’s or Bij’s), allowing SINDARad to produce traditional SINDA/G radiation conductors. A method to replace the potentially large numbers of radiation conductors with heat fluxes into surfaces has also been integrated into this product, allowing SINDA/G to run models with 100’s of millions of view factors, without requiring additional memory for the SINDA/G model.

Some of the SINDARad benefits include:

• Ability to run large radiation models
• Up to 10 time faster than traditional radiation solvers
• Smaller SINDA/G model size
• Reduced computer memory
• Visualization of view factors on geometry
• Graphical Users Interface


Date: December 5, 2007