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pioneerSOLUTIONS Releases FluidConnection 2.0

pioneerSOLUTIONS Inc. have announced Release 2.0 of FluidConnection, a practical option to significantly improve the efficiency of product development processes involving CFD.
FluidConnection offers capabilities beyond those of traditional pre-processors. The innovative abstract modeling concept of FluidConnection is designed to optimally support Simulation Based Design concepts based on precise high-end CAD and CFD products.

Combined with versatile automatic mesh generation, abstract modeling is ideally suited for the automation of CFD processes. As a result, FluidConnection allows high quality simulations early and repeatedly throughout the product development cycle. Reliable simulations results are the foundation for better decisions which enable FluidConnection users to build superior products at lower development costs.
Key characteristics of FluidConnection include:

Re-useable problem set-ups fully independent of product shapes
Consistent simulation quality regardless of the person initiating the simulation
Capturing of corporate know-how
Reduction of non-value-added activities to an absolute minimum.
Release 2.0 of FluidConnection offers a new client/server architecture and an improved graphical user interface to make authoring and testing of new Abstract Models more efficient. FluidConnection now enables many-to-one class (e.g. volume or boundary conditions) to component (geometry or shape entities) modeling. With many-to-one modeling, FluidConnection now allows behaviors to be applied to the highest common denominator, which makes problem set-ups defined in abstract models smaller and easier to create, test or understand.

Other new features in FluidConnection include:

Addition of CatiaV5™ as a supported CAD platform
Support for all functions available in AcuSolve™
New mesh generation functionality to improve transition from boundary layer-to-interior and extrusion meshing with general trajectories.
FluidConnection is designed to work with major CAD, CFD and CAA applications already in use at customer sites.

“By using Simulation Based Design practices based on FluidConnection we have significantly increased the efficiency of our development processes. SBD has allowed us to influence the final product early in the development process by investigating design alternatives in a shorter time.” comments Jose Nazario, Sr. Technical Specialist, John Deere. “The new version of FluidConnection will make it easier to bring SBD processes to our Global Tech Centers.”

“Realizing a revolutionary idea like our Magenn Air Rotor System (MARS) family of lighter-than-air wind turbines represents many challenges” explains Mac Brown, CEO of Magenn Power Inc. “Through the employment of FluidConnection for CFD analysis, one reusable Abstract Model allows us to very efficiently and economically investigate the performance of various design alternatives and turbine sizes.”

“This release of FluidConnection is largely based on our customers’ feedback” says Dr. Bruce Webster, founder and CEO of pioneerSOLUTIONS. “We wanted to build a product that offers better functionality and is even easier to use than the previous version. Our users’ input was critical to achieve this goal.”


Date: May 30, 2007