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Harpoon - ‘The Extreme Mesher’ raises the Industry Standard for Meshing


Sharc Ltd today announced the release of version 2.0 of its flagship meshing software, Harpoon -‘The Extreme Mesher’. Key enhancements to the code include a new boundary layer meshing algorithm which will broaden the range of applications available in all industries. Harpoon V2.0 has been beta-tested extensively by users and subjected to real-world industrial geometries. Beta users have reported impressive meshing improvements in Harpoon V2.0 compared to its already notable predecessor, Harpoon V1.4.9.

“Extreme Just Got Better! ” says Richard Bardwell, CEO Sharc, echoing the feedback he has been receiving from beta-testers all over the world. “Harpoon Version 2 builds on its unrivaled meshing speed and ability to cope with complex geometry, adding a number of significant enhancements”

These primary enhancements for Harpoon Version 2 are:

• Accuracy of results due to improved, unrestricted boundary layer algorithm
• Ease of Use through more intuitive GUI
• Speed due to optimized surface mesh clean up
• Mesh Quality through improved surface recovery

Harpoon gives a wide range of engineering companies the competitive edge when it comes to development time.

“I’ve had a great time-boost using Fluent once I started using Harpoon” Charles J. Kurle, Donaldson

A wide range of industrial sectors use simulation technology to speed up development time. Previously, transforming the CAD model into a workable 3D mesh took days or even weeks. The process of optimisation requires numerous changes to the model which magnifies this pre-processing step and can have a devastating effect on time to market. Harpoon’s speed provides extra time when it is needed the most.

“Harpoon’s mesh generation speed allowed us to deal with these iterations with minimal time delay.” Darren Woolf, Arup

One of Harpoon’s main strengths is its ability to handle the massive changes in scale exhibited by large models. Features such as boundary layer creation and cell stretching allow the user to reduce the number of cells in a mesh while retaining the necessary precision.

Model surfaces need not be watertight as Harpoon tolerates gaps and overlaps of surface data that would require manual clean-up in most other mesh generators.

“The meshing speed is jaw dropping, especially with the high quality meshes it achieves”.
Fernando Cacho, GEMM

Mesh checking hole and leak detection contribute to Harpoon being the quickest and easiest to use mesh generation package on the market.

“The developers were great and very helpful” says Alexej Goehring, Arup

To get a copy of the world’s fastest meshing software, Harpoon V2.0, contact your local Harpoon distributor.

About Sharc
Founded in 1997, Manchester based Sharc is a developer of pre-processor software for finite element analysis (FEA) and computational fluid dynamics (CFD). Its flagship Harpoon mesher produces high quality body-fitted hex meshes. The automatic generation of hex dominant volume meshes and/or quad dominant surface meshes bypasses the need for time consuming surface mesh generation and grid density specification.
Further information available from:

Paul Gilfrin
Sharc Ltd
Tel: 0161 877 5071


Date: February 6, 2006