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ESI Group launches VisualDSS to support simulation-based design

ESI Group has announced the release of VisualDSS, its end-to-end decision support system for CAE.

“VisualDSS is a major breakthrough compared to the existing practices on the market. I’m confident that it will bring a major advantage to our customers in terms of performance improvement, quality and multi-domain simulations implementation,” says Haluk Menderes, Executive Vice President Sales & Marketing Worldwide Operations at ESI Group.
VisualDSS is an open multi-domain environment that enables companies to build and manage simulation models for multi-domain usage, to automate processes and workflow, and to manage simulation content and data, as well as provide knowledge-based decision support and automated reporting.

Manufacturers around the world are improving their use of virtual prototyping. Simulation data volume is increasing considerably, and data traceability and easy reuse have become crucial. Simulation-based design is a way to design correctly the first time, by orienting decisions early in the product-development process. VisualDSS capabilities include unique and patented ways of building and maintaining the bidirectional link between CAD data stored in PLM systems and simulation domains. It allows the transferring of design and engineering modifications to the extended multi-domain team, thus ensuring data traceability throughout the development process and beyond.

VisualDSS also features a data persistency environment, which gathers the simulation data from the different applications used during the whole simulation lifecycle. It enables the capture, storage and reuse of a company’s knowledge and best practices. VisualDSS is based upon IBM DB2 Content Manager technology, which has been providing the market for years with technical and security features that are developed and proven in other business areas. Its Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) authorises flexible enterprise deployment, by integrating easily into the IT and data architecture of every company. It links easily to standard or corporate databases or PLM systems.
VisualDSS improves overall effectiveness and raises business productivity, allowing engineers to automate repetitive and cumbersome tasks in the simulation-based design process. Customers can capitalise, share and deploy their best practices within their extended ecosystem, taking advantage of the common multi-domain compute model and the openness of the solution to third-party applications. VisualDSS is designed for small, medium-sized and large companies in ESI Group’s traditional markets such as automotive, aerospace, defence, energy, heavy industry and consumer goods.


Date: June 28, 2007