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Flomerics Releases Version 8 of EFD Engineering Fluid Dynamics Analysis Software

EFD enables Engineers to share dynamic 3D results plots with others to communicate design intent.

(9 August 2007) -- Flomerics has released the latest version of its popular Engineering Fluid Dynamics (EFD) analysis software suite. EFD Version 8 offers improved CAD data handling and support, new physical models and advanced visualization. The new features further increase user ability to solve complex real-world problems and share the results with interested parties down- or upstream. “Communicating analysis results and design intent is very difficult regardless of whether you are speaking with technical or non-technical audiences,” said Ivo Weinhold, Engineering Fluid Dynamics business manager at Flomerics. “While pictures are important, by being able to share 3D interactive engineering data, engineers will be able to communicate form, fit and function to interested parties.” The new features are available for EFD.Pro - a fully embedded CFD solution for Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire; EFD.V5, - a fully embedded CFD solution for CATIA V5, and EFD.Lab – a general-purpose fluid analysis tool that includes a built-in solid modeler. The EFD suite will continue to run as native 32- and 64-bit applications.

Technical Notes for Version 8

Among the most salient features of Version 8 are:

q Improved CAD Data Handling and Support: Flomerics has added several key features that save users a significant amount of time and effort. EFD makes manual user intervention for fixing CAD geometry a thing of the past. EFD will automatically create lids for all openings in the selected planar surface of the model. By automating this task, EFD saves the user time and effort by making identification of the fluid region even easier. Also, to meet the needs of the electronics industry, EFD 8.0 supports goal-controlled fans and heat sources. Fans and heat sources can be switched on or off at specified time moments or after engineering goal values have been obtained during analysis. In addition, users can specify the “dead band” value (the gap between switching on and off) which defines the time delay or goal value gap that needs to be exceeded before turning the fan or heat source on or off.
q New physical features and technology: The Engineering Database contains a new set of predefined real gases. Now users can analyze problems where the ideal gas model is not sufficient for obtaining true-to-life results. The EFD Engineering Database library can be further supplemented with gases with user-specified properties. Lastly, with EFD 8.0 users will be able to analyze mixtures of real and ideal gases to better represent the real-life behavior of their products.
q Advanced visualization tools: EFD 8 features a new interactive tool for the visualization of simulation data. With EFD 8 you can publish dynamic 3D results plots enabling viewers to rotate and zoom-in areas of interest. Users of EFD can freely share these dynamic plots internally within the company to communicate design intent or with customers and suppliers without requiring additional software purchases. This new feature is based on the Open HSF technology which is a standard in the CAD industry.

EFD 8.0 is available for immediate shipment. Interested readers may download their choice of free EFD software demos at:

About Flomerics
Flomerics ( is a world-leading developer of engineering simulation software and services for analysis of fluid flow, heat transfer and electromagnetic radiation. Flomerics' business model is drastically different from traditional analysis because its software is designed to be embedded deeply into the design process and used by mainstream design engineers, not just by analysis specialists.


Date: August 13, 2007