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BETA CAE Systems S.A. releases µETA v6x

BETA CAE Systems S.A. announces the release of the new version v6x of µETA post-processor. µETA, that is available as part of the ANSA / µETA software package, is a best-in-class software that offers high performance post-processing of FEA results in a totally customizable user-friendly environment.

µETA is characterized by its high performance and top quality graphics, while offering a variety of powerful integrated tools for the simultaneous handling of 3D visualization and 2D plots, for the correlation between simulation results and physical tests data/videos, for the set up of fully automated procedures and for the composition of reports,. All tools bear complete interoperability resulting to time efficient post processing work.

The new version v6.x of µETA brings even more improved performance and better memory handling. NASTRAN .op2 files from solution 600, ABAQUS 6.7 .odb files, ANSYS and MEDINA results files, FEMFAT .odb files and ADINA .op2 files are added to the currently supported files. An entire project with results and entities, such as annotations, reports and cut planes created in µETA, can be saved in a proprietary format file. The contents of such a µETA database file can be also viewed later on using the freely offered new µETA Viewer. Reports can now be composed more easily and time efficiently with the new features for the extraction of detailed information about all aspects of a model simulation and for the image insertion to reports.
A dedicated graphical user interface is added for the creation of custom toolbars, contributing to the flexibility and user friendliness of the software.
Finally, NVH analysts can find many new assisting tools and features, such as the calculation of Modal Responses in µETA itself, the direct support of NASTRAN .pch files in 2D plots tool, as well as the complex & polar 2D plots.


Date: February 25, 2008