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Flomerics EFD.Lab Simulation Software for Autodesk Inventor

Flomerics have announced the availability of version 8.2 of EFD.Lab, its popular Engineering Fluid Dynamics (EFD) fluid flow and thermal simulation tool for Autodesk Inventor users.
EFD is based on the same mathematical principles of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) but it is also easier and faster to use for mechanical engineers. EFD.Lab 8.2 offers improved usability as well as increased performance.

“CFD is an important component of virtual prototyping” said Ivo Weinhold, the engineering fluid dynamics business manager at Flomerics. “EFD.Lab ensures easy access of technology to Inventor users at the right time during the design process so virtual prototyping can become a reality.”

Among the most salient features of version 8.2 are:

EFD.Lab recognizes features and parameters on imported geometries from Autodesk Inventor. Therefore, users maintain all the benefits of parametric-based solid modeling and can easily modify geometry parameters to take advantage of effortless “what-if” testing.

EFD.Lab features an optimized mesher which requires even less RAM to solve models with a large number of features. As a result, more complicated models with a large number of components can be solved effortlessly with EFD.Lab.

Additional functionalities have been added in support of electronics applications. For example, the perforated plates function has been further improved to support holes with arbitrary shapes. As a result, users can analyze even more complex perforated plates without manual intervention.

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Date: June 13, 2008