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modeFRONTIER™ version 4.1 released

modeFRONTIER v4.1 in action

ESTECO is proud to announce the release 4.1 of the multi-objective optimization
and design environment software, modeFRONTIER. This state of-the-art PIDO tool,
written to allow easy coupling to almost any Computer-Aided-Engineering (CAE)
tool, is now even more powerful and user-friendly than previous versions.

Among the modeFRONTIER v4.1 highlights are:
·new integration nodes (Moldflow MPI, Flowmaster V7, GT-SUITE)
·new optimization algorithms
·new DOE samplers (Space Fillers, Data Set reducers, ...)
·new Post-Processing capabilities

Please visit to read more about the latest enhancements of the modeFRONTIER technology which include:

DOE Algorithms
new features have been added to the algorithms in the DOE Sequence..

Schedulers and Optimizer
new features have been added to the list of algorithms available in the Scheduler and Optimizers..

Response Surface Algorithms
Evolutionary Design is now available, which implements a symbolic regression technique based on
GP (Genetic Programming)..

Data Mining
New functions have been added to the Tools and Charts in order to make life easier for users when exploring and assessing the data available in the Design Space tables..

The Workflow
New features have been added to the list of CAD/CAE Nodes available in the Workflow library..

Design Target node: it is now possible to easily assign a vector as target function, by importing from an external text file or pasting the data values from the clipboard. This feature, coupled with the Levenberg-Marquardt algorithm, is ideally suited for most of the common curve-fitting design problems


Date: December 12, 2008