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Altair Engineering Announces Record Attendee Numbers at 2008 European HyperWorks Technology Conference

Altair Engineering today announced record attendance numbers for the 2008 European HTC in Strasbourg. The 2nd European HyperWorks Technology Conference took place from September 30th until October 1st in Strasbourg, France. More than 400 engineers, managers, and simulation experts came to Strasbourg to inform themselves about the latest news and trends in enterprise simulation and to exchange experiences with other HyperWorks users.

Keynote and technical presenters from different industries and companies gave insights on how simulation is used within their companies. The most notable trends throughout all industries, but especially the automotive, aerospace and consumer good industries were: resource savings through upfront CAE, enormous time savings through process optimization and a broad embracement of the HyperWorks partner program. Mr. Scapa, CEO Altair Engineering gave an outlook of the “things to come” within Altair and its HyperWorks simulation environment. Thanks to a broad adoption of Altair’s solver technologies throughout all industries, Altair has grown into one of the leading solver companies.

“We are very pleased with the outcome of this year’s European HTC,” said Dr. Michael Hoffmann, Vice President European Operations, Altair Engineering. “The growth of 30% in attendees and presentations, and the very positive feedback we received - more than 95% of the attendees would recommend the conference to their colleagues - showed us that we provide our customers with the information they need. On the technical side we increased the value of the conference by hosting “Meet the Expert Sessions” during which we invited our customers to personally talk and interact with our software experts. A full track of multi-body simulation presentations and dedicated aerospace and composite sessions show that we have also added to the diversity of our offerings.”

"All of our HyperWorks Enabled Partners participated in the 2008 European HTC and reported robust levels of interest and interaction from our European customers", said Michael Humphrey, VP Partner Program at Altair. "Customers are excited about our HyperWorks Enabled Partner Program, because it increases the value of their existing investments in HyperWorks Units and provides the flexibility to run partner products at no additional costs."

The EHTC was sponsored by Tecosim, SUN, HP, Intel and nCode. Exhibitors were: Bull, Clustervision, EMSS, FLUIDON, Huß&Feickert, IBM, INTES, Magna Powertrain Engineering Center Steyr GmbH & CoKg, Microsoft, Metacomp Technologies, NAFEMS, SGI, science and computing, Samtech, Software Cradle, Sogeti, Sogeti, and the virtual vehicle. Lumeneo and the student developers of the Racing team of the Technical University of Freiberg exhibited their cars, the University of Camerino showed their industrial design of a chair and the DKI (Deutsches Kunststoff-Institut) show a mountain bike they developed jointly with Rotwild.

For more information about the 2nd European HTC please visit A list of presentations will soon be included on this website.


Date: October 30, 2008