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Megayachts Designed Using ANSYS Software Deliver Optimal Combination of Elegance and Performance


SOUTHPOINTE, Pa., Jun 08, 2009 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- ANSYS, Inc. (NASDAQ: ANSS), a global innovator of simulation software and technologies designed to optimize product development processes, today announced that award-winning yacht builder Delta Marine uses simulation software from ANSYS to create custom megayachts that are engineered from bottom to top for beauty, speed and strength. Buyers of these craft are interested in a luxurious interior and high cruising speed, so naval architects at Delta deliver a state-of-the-art craft without sacrificing performance. The company uses software from ANSYS throughout the design process to solve complex load distribution challenges, affording interior designers maximum flexibility in meeting customers\' individual requests.

While open floor plans, exotic (and sometimes heavy-weight) wood trim panels, polished stainless steel columns and built-in furniture pieces may create luxurious surroundings, Delta\'s engineers know how critical it is to optimize the yacht\'s structural elements to deliver the required strength while avoiding any extra weight that would reduce speed. As a result, the company\'s naval architects turn to graphite composites, layered engineered materials that are stiffer and stronger than metals per unit of weight.

\"Composites enable more flexible designs because their physical properties can be tailored to a very high degree. But at the same time, composites can be more complex to model than solid materials such as iron or steel,\" said Chad Caron, P.E., naval architect for Delta Marine. The depth of technology in software from ANSYS provides complete composite solutions, which otherwise would be quite challenging, since each composite layer can have different material properties. Delta uses ANSYS(R) technology to evaluate global and local stresses on a layer-by-layer basis. Most other structural analysis packages merely average the loads over the stack.

\"ANSYS software tells us exactly where the load is going, down to the individual composite layer, so we are able to tailor the design to provide strength and stiffness exactly where it is needed,\" Caron said. \"These capabilities free the designers to put walls and partitions wherever they want while at the same time keeping the weight to a minimum level. As a result, the design delivers the optimal combination of luxury and performance.\"

In the past, yacht interior design was constrained by structural considerations. For example, pillars needed to be aligned for structural integrity. \"These days, a pillar is as likely as not to land in the middle of a beam. When pillars are not aligned, it becomes much more difficult to determine how loads will distribute among the various structural elements. Traditional design methods, such as handbook formulas and rules of thumb, are not adequate to achieve an optimized structural assessment. The load path becomes convoluted with many 90-degree angle turns that require taking the exact geometry and load locations into account. This means that analysis typically needs to be performed on a global basis, which in turn requires very powerful software and hardware,\" Caron added.

Delta engineers also perform simulation for vibration using ANSYS software, and the results provide information that allows naval architects to adjust the design only in the areas needed to increase strength or reduce vibration. In this way, simulation assists in keeping the structure as light as possible to deliver speed.

\"Innovative designs often require innovative engineering solutions. Using Simulation Driven Product Development(TM) from ANSYS during the design phase allows companies like Delta to test and adjust the design of these large craft before they are built. This also makes it possible for them to create yachts with award-winning interiors based on aesthetics, not just structural considerations,\" said Dipankar Choudhury, vice president, product strategy and planning at ANSYS, Inc.

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About Delta Marine

Luxury. Elegance. Perfection. Delta creates luxury yachts for those who recognize and expect the very finest the world has to offer. Complete with a team of naval architects, marine engineers and skilled workers with years of experience in specialized fields, Delta expertly combines traditional craftsmanship and the latest technology. For more information, visit

About ANSYS, Inc.

ANSYS, Inc., founded in 1970, develops and globally markets engineering simulation software and technologies widely used by engineers and designers across a broad spectrum of industries. The Company focuses on the development of open and flexible solutions that enable users to analyze designs directly on the desktop, providing a common platform for fast, efficient and cost-conscious product development, from design concept to final-stage testing and validation. The Company and its global network of channel partners provide sales, support and training for customers. Headquartered in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania, U.S.A., with more than 60 strategic sales locations throughout the world, ANSYS, Inc. and its subsidiaries employ approximately 1,700 people and distribute ANSYS products through a network of channel partners in over 40 countries. Visit for more information.

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Date: June 8, 2009