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CEI’s EnSight 2.0 Now Available

Computational Engineering International (CEI) announced today that EnSight CFD 2.0, the latest version of the company’s CFD visualization software, is now available with a free version, a native Mac version, and practical Volume Rendering.
EnSight CFD 2.0 includes several new improvements to the powerful visualization product such as: surface rendering with transparency, faster and less memory required for models which include polyhedral cells, and session files to save work and replay it on other datasets. However the key enhancements are a free version, a Cocoa Mac version, both of the free and paid kind, and the inclusion of the advanced visualization feature Volume Rendering in both the free and paid versions.
Volume rendering is an important visualization technique which has until now been unavailable to the average engineer and scientist. CEI’s EnSight CFD 2.0 brings this capability to the field of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) for uses in aerodynamics, astrophysics, enhancing sports performance, combustion, and alternative energy design such as wind farms.
A Mac Cocoa version was one of the primary goals of EnSight CFD 2.0 due to the high number of engineers conducting CFD analysis using Macintosh computers, and the preference among Mac users for native Cocoa applications over applications using the X11 toolkit common to Linux and Unix. Mac customers have been very enthusiastic for the smoother operation, the native dialogs to files, fonts, and colors, and the elimination of the need to run X11.

Finally in EnSight CFD 2.0 includes a free version. The limitations to the free version are that model sizes must be less than 3 million cells, a small logo appears on the screen, fewer data formats are supported, and there is no direct customer support. CEI is making this free version available in order to help engineering students, CFD solver developers who are often very small companies, and prospective customers. The free version is available for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X.
For more information about the EnSight CFD 2.0 Release, or to learn more about CEI or any of its products, visit the EnSight CFD 2.0 web page


Date: March 1, 2010