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CD-adapco announces the release of STAR-Design V4.04


CD-adapco is pleased to announce the release of STAR-Design V4.04. STAR-Design’s intuitive user environment makes it the ideal tool for those engineers who are not Computational Fluid Dynamics specialists. Utilizing CD-adapco’s powerful CFD technology (including polyhedral meshing) means that ease-of-use does not compromise accuracy. STAR-Design’s 3D solid modeler and geometry import allows engineers who don’t use CAD to directly create and manage geometry for simulation.

In the design cycle: Specifically designed for use within the design cycle, STAR-Design has a number of features that enable quick but accurate “what-if” design evaluations on product performance. These include:

* Parametric geometry handling;
* Associative model set-up – changing the geometry does not require redefinition of the problem;
* Engineering data output;
* Post-processing templates for easy comparison between designs;
* Efficient and accurate polyhedral meshing; and
* CD-adapco’s industry leading CFD technology.

Geometry control without CAD: Many CFD engineers rely on CAD engineers to provide geometry definitions, without geometry control themselves. STAR-Design’s easy-to-use parametric geometry modeling and geometry import allows CFD engineers to directly create and manage geometry for simulation.

Leading CFD technology: STAR-Design utilizes the industry leading CFD technology behind STAR-CD and STAR-CCM+. These tried, tested and trusted CFD codes have been chosen by thousands of engineers worldwide, across every industry sector. By utilizing this technology and applying CFD best practices, STAR-Design users gain easy-to-use CFD insight without compromising accuracy.

No PhD required: STAR-Design’s intuitive interface allows engineers who are not CFD specialists, or who are occasional users, to rapidly gain insight by easily accessing industrial-strength CFD.

“Engineers and analysts need tools that enable them to carry out parametric “what-if” studies with enhanced automation,” says Jean-Claude Ercolanelli, CD-adapco’s Product Manager for STAR-Design. ” STAR-Design has already met the needs of design engineers and CFD experts alike and it continues to add value to design processes across all industries.”

STAR-Design is available on Windows (32-bit), Linux and UNIX (32- and 64-bit platforms).


Date: May 2, 2006