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MSC.Software Releases SimXpert 2010


With this release, engineers can access all the new features of MD Nastran 2010 and MD Adams 2010 and perform advanced simulations in the areas of nonlinear analysis, bi-directional thermo-mechanical coupling and expanded physics simulations including co-simulation with CFD codes. Integrated with MSC\'s advanced multidiscipline (MD) solver technologies, SimXpert provides an efficient \"end-to-end\" solution that takes you from CAD to analysis report in a single easy-to-use application.

SimXpert 2010 delivers several new functionalities and improvements in the areas of usability, CAD support, geometry cleanup, meshing, FEA and Multibody Dynamics (MBD) solver support and the introduction of a Systems & Controls Workspace. Enhancements in this new release help engineers use a single, integrated, easy to use environment for simulation of essential multidisciplinary real world behavior providing dramatic productivity improvement. Benefits to users include:

Access to latest multidisciplinary functionalities in MD Nastran and MD Adams

Motion-Structures-Control Integration - for reliable and fast results across the boundaries of engineering disciplines
Automated Bolt Modeling - easy and accurate assembly modeling through better control of preload and improved results with continuous contact
Contact Enhancements - including support for thermal contact, segment-to-segment contact, visualization and contact table usability provide more flexibility and modeling functionality
Thermal-Mechanical Analysis Support - helping users solve new classes of problems involving heat generation due to mechanical work loss, including brake pad heating, road-tire contact and manufacturing operations
OpenFSI Support - for the newly introduced capability of MD Nastran 2010, OpenFSI helps users analyze interaction between nonlinear structures and fluids by coupling to your CFD solver
Adams2Nastran Interface - with support for dynamic operating points and export graphics option allowing export of linearized MD Nastran model from MD Adams

For more information about new features in SimXpert 2010, listen to the on-demand webinar at


Date: August 6, 2010