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Simpleware Releases ScanIP v2.1 for Image Processing


Simpleware announces the release of Version 2.1 of ScanIP, its advanced image processing software. ScanIP offers an extensive selection of image visualization, processing and segmentation tools to process any volumetric 3D data as obtained from MRI, CT, and Micro-CT scanners, for example. Segmented images can be exported as STL files for CAD analysis, RP manufacturing or, with the ScanFE™ module, imported directly into leading commercial finite element packages.

The new release offers new and improved capabilities in image processing, license management, user interface, and computing performance. Sophisticated new tools help ScanIP users accelerate the process of segmenting 3D data. With this new software release, Simpleware extends its leadership in providing a complete solution from 3D scan data to CAD and CAE software tools.

“ScanIP Version 2.1 offers many new and exciting features that will significantly help our customers achieve faster image segmentation and obtain more accurate models,” says Philippe Young, Managing Director. “With Simpleware’s range of software products, researchers and engineers have a powerful and robust image processing platform that enables them to generate high-fidelity analysis results faster and more cost effectively.”

Important new features of ScanIP Version 2.1 include:

- Level set methods
The level set method segmentation tools allow segmentation based on implicit surfaces. Contour specific features (e.g. curvature) can therefore be controlled during the region growing/surface adjusting process.
- Increased smoothing capabilities of existing algorithms
- Grayscale preserving masks increase fidelity and smoothing
When possible, masks will attempt to preserve data originating from the background in order to provide more accurate and smoother surfaces.
- Ability to handle multiple background
It is now possible to duplicate background images and apply different filters on each of them, therefore bringing more flexibility to the segmentation process.
- Improved histogram and profile line function assist in finding the best threshold values
User interface (GUI)
- Better understanding of filter parameters thanks to more extensive tool tips
- Improved visibility of masks in the 3D view (on, off or transparency)
- Quick access to tools via improved icon toolbar
- Reduced memory footprint for most operations
- MS Windows "/3GB" flag support
On selected systems, the amount of accessible memory has been greatly increased.
- License management with FLEXnet™
ScanIP now supports a wide range of flexible and configurable licensing models, allowing us to offer our customers greater licensing and pricing flexibility, as well as facilitating license administration.
Within Simpleware’s range of software products, ScanIP is Simpleware’s core image processing platform.

Optional bolt-on modules for FE/CFD mesh generation and CAD integration are also available:

+ScanFE Module - Volume and surface mesh generation

+ScanFE generates volume and/or surface meshes, contact surfaces and material properties from segmented data. These high quality meshes can be directly imported into a range of commercial FE and CFD packages (e.g. ABAQUS, ANSYS, LS-DYNA, Fluent, IDEAS, MSC.Nastran/Patran, etc.)

+ScanCAD Module - Integration of CAD Models within Image Data

+ScanCAD allows the import and interactive positioning of CAD models within the image data. The resulting combined models can then be exported as multi-part STL models or, using +ScanFE, converted automatically into multi-part Finite Element or CFD meshes.


Date: May 19, 2006