Tecplot 360 Debuts

Tecplot 360 Debuts


Tecplot, Inc., the developer of Tecplot data visualization and technical plotting solutions, today announces the immediate availability of Tecplot 360, a new product tailored specifically for engineering plotting and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) visualization. Tecplot 360 features integrated CFD-specific analysis tools, a completely redesigned user interface, smart data loading for faster data throughput, and visualization and animation tools.

Unlike other visualization products, Tecplot 360's full range of plotting capabilities, unique multi-frame workspace, and high-quality output give users complete control for effective analysis, presentation, and publication of analysis results.

Built upon the successful foundation of the company's flagship Tecplot Focus software (formerly Tecplot 10), Tecplot 360 offers all the XY, 2D, and 3D plotting capabilities of its predecessor while also including additional power and tools for large data visualization and transient analysis. Tecplot 360's user interface provides important exploration tools that facilitate users' ability to quickly and effectively explore and interpret complex analysis results.

New features of Tecplot 360 include:

-- It's faster. Smarter loading of data into Tecplot 360 provides users
with significantly faster processing time and the ability to visualize much
larger data solutions than was previously possible. In performance tests,
data throughput was shown to have increased by up to 280%.
-- One-Click Controls. New DVD-like animation controls allow for one step
forward, backward, and loop through time for better and more effective data
exploration and communication of results to others. Frequently used tools
such as cut planes, iso-surfaces and streamlines can be accessed by one
click on the sidebar. Double-clicking any 3D feature icon further refines
its controls.
-- CFD-Specific Analysis tools. Integrated CFD Analyzer functions enable
users to perform spatial integrations, generate particle trajectories,
extract flow features, examine grid quality, and estimate numerical errors.
In addition, Tecplot 360 supports multiple groups of iso-surfaces, slices
and color maps.
-- Structural analysis visualization. With the expanded suite of data
loaders, users can load finite element analysis (FEA) and computational
fluid dynamics (CFD) solutions concurrently, enabling animation of material
deformation and fluid flow changes in one plot.

Among the more important of Tecplot 360's new enhancements is its ability to speed processing time. "It is common today to see data files in the gigabyte range," says Mike Peery, Tecplot Inc.'s president and co-founder. "Users need the ability to effectively analyze their results on their desktop since not everyone has access to a supercomputer." Tecplot 360 also takes advantage of multiple CPU machines to maximize performance by spreading out compute-intensive operations across all available CPUs, resulting in faster stream traces, cut planes, and iso-surfaces.
The company believes that both new products will greatly facilitate users' ability to visualize, explore, interpret and communicate complex analysis results. "With Tecplot 360 and Tecplot Focus, we can better fulfill the unique needs of our customers," says Peery. "Tecplot 360 offers advanced visualization tools used in CFD post-processing while Tecplot Focus continues to be the tool of choice for measured field data and engineering plotting."

Pricing and Hardware Support: Tecplot 360 and Tecplot Focus are available for Windows (XP, 2000), Mac OS X and Linux. Tecplot 360 is also available for most UNIX workstations. Pricing starts at $1,250 in the U.S.