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Fluent launches new versions of TGrid, GAMBIT and 3Matic


Fluent Inc. have announced new releases of TGrid 4.0, GAMBIT 2.3 and 3Matic-for-Fluent 1.0, all major upgrades to Fluent's preprocessing capabilities. These three products provide several new functionality advantages that enable Fluent users to proceed from CAD geometries to Fluent CFD solvers in unprecedented timescales.

TGrid 4.0 has been substantially improved, with a powerful Surface Wrapper added to its existing surface and volume meshing capabilities. Users can now wrap up multiple dirty geometry files from several sources into single, connected, high-quality surface mesh in record times. A number of automated functions are available to optimize the process, depending on the problem at hand. The TGrid Surface Wrapper has reduced meshing times dramatically for a full range of industrial benchmark cases in the automotive, aerospace, biomedical, oil and gas and built environment industries.

The 3Matic-for-Fluent software from Materialise Inc. is a complementary conditioning module for converting hundreds of files from mixed geometry sources in native or standard CAD file formats (CATIA, UG, Pro/E, STEP, IGES), or in faceted formats (STL, WRML), into an optimal triangular meshing format for TGrid 4.0's new Surface Wrapper. This cleanup process ensures that each CAD part is fully connected, of minimal size, and with sufficient resolution to capture the underlying geometrical details. 3Matic-for-Fluent complements TGrid 4.0 by allowing users to work more efficiently during the pre-wrapping phase of their preprocessing efforts.

Additionally, a comprehensive new set of CAD Readers in GAMBIT 2.3 allows users to bring native geometry into GAMBIT more effectively. For example, geometry operations like clean-up, construction, design modification and decomposition now work directly on all geometric representations. New, automated tools lead to significant improvements in meshing speed, quality and size distribution. Several enhancements in the areas of size functions, boundary layers, and hybrid meshing ensure that GAMBIT continues to be a leading CFD preprocessing software in the materials, chemicals, HVAC, power and process industries.


Date: June 29, 2006